Kate Middleton Updates: Know Her Secrets To Staying Slim From Her Workout To Her Diet

By Dianne Franc, Parent Herald May 07, 06:41 am

Kate Middleton has always been praised for her good looks and her fit physique. But her perfect body wasn't a result of a wish she made from a genie in a lamp; it was through hard work and discipline that she was able to achieve it. We have come to find out that the Duchess of Cambridge has a very strict diet and workout routine.

According to International Business Times, Kate Middleton doesn't skip a day on her workout routine. Despite raising two toddlers now and another one even being reported on the way, Middleton is sticking to her workout schedule.

The mother of two would do whatever it takes to take at least 15 minutes of her time to do some cardio according to Hollywood Life. She is not doing this alone since she has a personal fitness trainer who has been working with her ever since she was pregnant with their firstborn son, Prince George. Kate Middleton includes running and even swimming as part of her cardio every single day.

These are not the only workout routine that the 34-year-old Middleton is doing. She also does pilates and yoga because she wanted to go back having her pre-pregnancy body after her two childbirth. Her sister, Pippa Middleton, is also her partner in crime when it comes to achieving a fit body.

Kate Middleton is conscious about what she eats that she makes sure to only have the healthy ones on her plate. She stays away from processed and fake food, which means she says no to food that has a lot of chemicals and preservatives. The Duchess of Cambridge loves fruits and vegetables and she makes sure that they are always part of her diet. She is also into lean meats different kind of juices.

Want to achieve a body like Kate Middleton? Then it is time to try and do her workout routine along with having her healthy diet. Share this with your family and friends!

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