Depression During Pregnancy: 5 Symptoms Of Prenatal Depression To Watch Out For

Many pregnant women suffer from prenatal depression. Being aware of the symptoms of depression during pregnancy can help women cope with this illness. Here are some of the most common symptoms of prenatal depression.

1. Nothing Feels Fun Any More

One of the most common symptoms of prenatal depression is the loss of happiness and satisfaction from things, people, situations or activities that used to make you very happy and satisfied. This can be caused by your hormones going haywire during pregnancy.

2. Prolonged Empty Feelings Every Day

Feeling sad throughout the day but cannot tell exactly why? You might be suffering from prenatal depression.

3. Difficulty Concentrating

Pregnant women with prenatal depression have a harder time completing and focusing on tasks that they used to finish without much difficulty. A loss of sense of purpose could also be a symptom of prenatal depression.

4. Severe Moodiness & Irritability

Most pregnant women have episodes of feeling moody and irritable. What makes the moodiness of pregnant women with prenatal depression different is its persistence, day in and day out.

5. Difficulty Sleeping

While it is normal to have sleeping problems once in a while, having those problems every night could be a sign of prenatal depression. Both insomnia and excessive sleeping are possible symptoms of depression during pregnancy.

So what should women do if they suffer from depression during pregnancy? "When you are the one in the midst of it, ask your medical provider for help," Babble suggests. Do not feel ashamed and open up to your spouse, friends and family about your prenatal depression.

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