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Helicopter Parenting Can Potentially Do More Harm Than Good

Parenting  6 May '17

Helicopter Parenting Plays A Major Factor In Raising Unemployable Children

Helicopter parenting is said to be one of the major factors as to why their children are unemployable.

Security Increased In New York City After Attacks In Paris

Pregnancy  25 January '17

Depression During Pregnancy: What Do Moms With Antenatal Depression Experience?

Know any pregnant moms having an emotionally challenging time? Reading this might help.

New York Teens More Interested In Video Games Than Sex & Tobacco

Teens/Young Adults  18 January '17

How Strong Friendship Bonds Can Prevent Depression And Addiction Caused My Excessive Video Gaming Among Teenagers

Video games are a great way to spend free time, however, spending too many hours playing these games can lead to depression.

Know the Importance of Mental Health Awareness on Univerisities

College Success  11 January '17

The Importance Of Mental Health Awareness On University Students

Mental health awareness on college campuses is starting to pave way for a positive start.

Botox treatment is said to cure depression.

Mind  9 January '17

Can Botox Cure Depression?

A study suggest that Botox can possibly cure depression.

The Friendship Bench

Health/Nutrition  31 December '16

Chats On 'Friendship Bench' Easing Risks Of Depression?

Depression is common in Zimbabwe but research shows improvement in patients who have undergone the "Friendship Bench" Program

Types of Depression

Body  15 December '16

Mental Health Awareness: Types Of Depression That You Need To Take Note Of

There are countless types of depression, and one condition differs from another, which makes it important to understand each difference.

Diet And Depression: What Are The Best Food To Fight Off Depression?

Body  15 December '16

Diet And Depression: What Are The Best Food To Fight Off Depression?

Food plays a vital role when it comes to one's mood and all over health, which makes it important to be cautious with one's diet as well.

Prevent Depression to Lessen Disabled Americans

Mind  13 December '16

Preventing Depression is crucial in America because a third of Americans will eventually get clinically depressed.

Preventing Depression is crucial in America because a third of Americans will eventually get clinically depressed.

'Every 15 Minutes' to Prevent Teen Drunken Driving

Teens/Young Adults  11 December '16

Teen Stress And Depression: How Parents Can Help Teenage Kids Cope With Feelings Of Stress And Depression This Holiday Season

A research recently found that teenagers often experience higher levels of stress compared to adults. That’s why Dr. Jennifer Salerno shared some tips on how parents can help their children cope with stress or depression.

Service Dog Helps Wounded Veteran Cope With PTSD

Behavior  5 December '16

New Study Shows How Teens Could Fight Depression

This new study just might solve depression in teens.

Pregnancy and Motherhood: Learn One Life-Saving Tip Every Premature-Baby Mommy Must Know

Postpartum  2 December '16

Pregnancy And Motherhood: Learn One Life-Saving Tip Every Premature-Baby Mommy Must Know

Studies reveal higher susceptibility of mothers of premature babies to depression and anxiety attacks and are encouraged to get help.

Pursuit Of Education: Towards A Better Or Worse Future?

School  29 November '16

Pursuit Of Education: Towards A Better Or Worse Future?

Increasing reports of isolation, anxiety and depression among Chinese Parachute Children who explores the United States for better education.

Organic Winery In Napa Valley Begins In Harvest

Food  29 November '16

Your Drink Of Choice Tells A LOT About Your Parenting Style! Here's How

A person's drink of choice indicates what kind of a parent they are. It turns out that drinks hold a deeper meaning when it comes to raising children.

Moms Talk About Their Postpartum Depression

Health  23 November '16

Why A Six Months Pregnant Woman Uses Tinder To Look For Dates

An expectant mother who is now in her second trimester is looking for dates on Tinder after she separated with the father of her child. The woman did not express whether she suffered from depression.

Lance Armstrong And Mayor Gavin Newsom Tour Breast Cancer Center

Health/Nutrition  20 November '16

New Study Suggests Past Depression Has Something To Do With Breast Cancer

The link between past depression and breast cancer has been found and you might want to bookmark this information.

Puerto Rico Battles Zika Virus

Pregnancy  20 November '16

Does Your Baby Like It When You're Going Through Prenatal Depression During Pregnancy

Studies show moms who felt no attachment to their baby while in the womb had children with emotional problems.

Texas Iraq War Veteran Struggles to Cope with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

Teens/Young Adults  17 November '16

Teen Girls Are Suffering From Depression And Here Is The Reason Why

You won't believe why teen girls are suffering from depression these days.

Puerto Rico Battles Zika Virus

Infant  15 November '16

Depression And Anxiety Among New Mothers Is Both Expectable And Treatable

Research has shown that up to 33 percent of women experience clinical depression or an anxiety disorder at some point during pregnancy.

Vitamin Sales Go Up As Consumers Struggle With Cost Of Health Care

Health/Nutrition  15 November '16

Know The Looming Dangers Of Taking Vitamin Suppliments That Can Cause Depression

Vitamin supplements may be helpful, but research reveals that it can sometimes do more harm than good.

Stride Rite Children's Group Fashion Showcase At petitePARADE In NYC

School Age  15 November '16

Colorado Student Bullied & Stabbed At School Helps Prevent Bullying By Giving Shoes To Fellow Children

Kyler Davila was bullied and stabbed in school but he aims to turn things around for his fellow children who are also being tormented. The Colorado boy is donating shoes to kids who are in dire need for them.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

Dads  13 November '16

Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez Latest News & Updates: Couple Got Married Secretly In The Carribeans? Tied The Knot To End Relationship Drama?

Rumors of the couple are at it again. This time, wedding bells are involved. Read on to find out if the pop prince and pop princess really tie the knot.

IRC Assists Immigrant Refugees To Adjust To Life In America

School Age  8 November '16

Children With Sleep Apnea At Risk Of Developing Depression, Anxiety & Suicidal Thoughts

Experts found that sleep apnea increases children's risks of developing depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. Certain kids are more likely to have sleep apnea.

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