Parenting Tips: Spoiling Children At A Young Age Can Lead To Long-Term Effects

By Abbie Kraft, Parent Herald May 12, 06:22 am

Spoiling children at a young age is not healthy for them. Researchers reveal that spoiling children at a young age has a long term effect. 

Giving children what they want may end their tantrum and whining; it is, however, unhealthy for their mental and emotional growth. It will give them the impression that they can easily manipulate and control their parents.

Though some parents would spoil their youngsters out of love, it will, however, leave them dependent and needy. It is important to let the children go through their own struggles, although parents would need to guide them.

Spoiling the child will have a long-term effect, which is mostly negative. It can make or break their personality wherein they might have a hard time adjusting when they're older. Listed below are long-term negative effects of spoiling children:

Poor Social Skills

Spoiled children are often brats, wherein they are used to getting what they want. They usually have a hard time mingling with other people once they are older, and they are more prone to facing conflicts.

Spoiled children are used to getting things done their way, which is not ideal in the adult world. They will most likely cause tension and conflicts if they would not be able to do things as they wish.

Lack of Independence

Spoiled children are said to lack independence under the impression of having other people do things for them. One study, which highlighted spoiled children reveal that college kids who were spoiled when they were younger had a hard time living alone.
"Children who are spoiled can become overly dependent on their parents, which can cause them to have trouble making themselves happy as adults," researchers Connie Dawson and David J. Bredehoft mentioned in their study.


Spoiled children are less likely to learn how to be responsible. Spoiled children are prone to having difficulties dealing with authorities and the rules when they would turn into adults. Most spoiled children would usually end up living with lack of motivation, laziness and poor problem-solving skills.

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