Drinking Alcohol Ups Risk For And Death From Hepatitis C

By Elizabeth Anderson, Parent Herald May 13, 05:57 am

Drinking alcohol and hepatitis C is not a good combination. Consumption of alcohol may increase the risk of sickness and death from the hepatitis C virus, according to a study of American adults which was published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

"Alcohol promotes faster development of fibrosis and progression to cirrhosis in people living with hepatitis C, making drinking a dangerous and often deadly activity," lead investigator Amber L. Taylor said, as per MD Magazine. Taylor works at the Division of Viral Hepatitis at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

People With Hepatitis C Unaware Of Alcohol Risks

Science Daily reported that according to the study, adults with hepatitis C were three times more likely to drink five or more alcoholic beverages every day at some point in their lives. This is when compared to adults who did not have hepatitis C.

"Half of all people living with hepatitis C are not aware of their infection nor the serious medical risks they face when consuming alcohol," Taylor said. Taylor added that this points to the necessity of increased hepatitis C diagnosis, as well as the need to connect those with hepatitis C to treatment. Education and support against alcohol abuse was also stated as necessary.

Behavioral Screenings Can Educate Hepatitis C Patients

The findings could be used to better understand the level of alcohol consumption of people with hepatitis C, according to News-Medical.net. It can also aid in developing treatment practices and interventions.

Taylor said that behavioral screenings that aim to determine at-risk drinking among both those with and without hepatitis C can prevent abuse of alcoholic beverages. The screenings may also be a way of letting hepatitis C patients know of the risks that alcohol consumption brings.

How much alcohol do you consumer? Write your comments below.

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