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Smartphone Addiction In Teens

Teens/Young Adults  22 March '17

Smartphone Addiction In Teens Not Entirely Bad? Drug And Alcohol Use Drop As Kids Get Hook On Devices

Smartphone addiction in teens might be seen as negative but a new study shows it might not be so bad at all. Here's why!


Teens/Young Adults  23 January '17

Iceland Offers The Best Idea To Stop Teens From Using Drugs, Should Rest Of The World Do The Same?

Iceland stopped the use of drugs, as well as smoking and drinking in most of the teens.

Amino Acids Help Alcohol Addiction

Body  9 January '17

Research Reveals Amino Acid Can Help Curb Alcohol Addiction And Alleviate Hangovers

Amino acid works wonders, especially when it comes to replenishing dehydration and malabsorption caused by alcohol consumption and withdrawal.

Positive Effects Of Drinking Alcohol: Can Alcohol Lengthen An Individual’s Lifespan?

Body  14 December '16

Positive Effects Of Drinking Alcohol: Can Alcohol Lengthen An Individual’s Lifespan?

Effects of alcohol in a human’s body could be positive once taken in moderation and might also lengthen an individual’s lifespan.

Flaunt Magazine 'Weather Patterns' Video Exhibition And Performance At New World Center

Body  5 December '16

Research Reveal That Alcohol Consumption Isn't So Bad After All

Can a glass of wine make you GENUINELY more attractive? From improving your sleep to evening out your skin tone - the health and beauty benefits of alcohol revealed

L'Eden By Perrier-Jouet Opening Night In Partnership With Vanity Fair

Health/Nutrition  1 December '16

Wine Consumption And Its Impact, All Bad? Not Quite

One or two glasses of wine per day could protect you from stroke, says study

Snowstorm By G.H. Mumm Launch Party

School Age  19 November '16

Drug And Alcohol Abuse Awareness: When Should Parents Start Educating The Children?

The children of parents with alcohol problems are at much greater risk for underage drinking and developing a substance use disorder.

Budweiser Temporarily Renames Flagship Beer 'America'

Teens/Young Adults  17 November '16

Alcohol Advertising Effects: When Alcohol Advertisments Take Over The Minds Of The Youth

Marketing can shape youth culture by creating and sustaining expectations and norms about how to live one's life.

Weed Documentary (2016) - High School: Marijuana in an American Public High School.

Teens/Young Adults  3 November '16

Teen Addictions: Dangers of Marijuana, Tobacco & Alcohol

Most common teen addictions are marijuana, cigarettes and alcohol. Parents need to know the dangers of these addictions.

2016 Nordic Film Festival Awards Ceremony

Teens/Young Adults  2 November '16

Early Drug And Alcohol Intervention: How To Educate Children About Alcohol And Drugs

It's better to inform the bads of the 'high' to children when they're younger. Awareness is always better than ignorance

Roswell city councilman charged with sex exploitation of children

Teens/Young Adults  25 October '16

53-Year-Old Man Gets Arrested For Having A Relationship With A 13-Year-Old

Georgia Councilman Kent Igleman is arrested for having a sexual relationship with a minor.

Stanford And Berkeley Rank Among Top 3 Universities In The World

School  24 August '16

No More Wild Parties! Stanford Hard Liquor Ban Is What Will Welcome Students This School Year

Stanford University implemented a new policy that bans hard liquor at on-campus parties and only bottles not more than 750 ml can be taken inside the campus.

Oktoberfest 2015 - General Features Day 1

Food  22 August '16

Children Under 14 Years Old Encouraged By Their Parents To Drink Alcohol

Churchill Home Insurance's survey found that parents use alcohol to bribe their kids into obedience. Some even allow children as young as five to seven allow the youngsters to drink at home, while others don't have any negative views about minors drinking.

New Study Claims Alcohol More Harmful Than Illegal Drugs

Health  28 July '16

Pregnant Women With Health Insurance Are Less Likely To Drink Alcohol

It seems insurance makes pregnant women less prone to drinking.

World No Tobacco Day

Body  26 July '16

Quitting Cigarette Smoking and Alcohol: People Who Recently Quit Smoking Let Go Of Drinking Alcohol Too

Smokers who are quitting are also drinking less.

Burgeoning Craft Beer Industry Creates Niche Market For Limited Release Beers

Body  7 July '16

Illegal Alcohol Use Prevention: Underage Drinking Can Be Prevented By Warm, Supportive Parenting And Prevention Programs

Underage drinking poses serious implications to young people's health. Parents can prevent this by providing a warm and supportive environment to their children and by undertaking parenting programs.


Behavior  3 July '16

Underage Drinking: Better Parenting Decreases Number of Cases in the Past 10 Years

A report from the Institute of Alcohol Studies shows that better parenting has lessend instances of underage drinking.

Bali Introduces Ban On Supermarket Alcohol Sales

Health/Nutrition  28 June '16

Alcohol Consumption Proven to Increase Risk of Cancer: Even Moderate Drinkers are at Risk

A new study shows that drinkers, heavy and moderate are at higher risk of contractng cancer compared to non-drinkers.

A group of girls drinking.

Behavior  23 June '16

Risks of alcohol-related accidents tend to increase during graduation season as teenagers celebrate

Parents and law-enforcement agencies are more vigilant during graduation season as new high school and university graduates hold drinking parties to celebrate.

Mothers Attend Breast Feeding Classes

Feeding  21 June '16

Breastfeeding Support: Classes For Post-Partum Breastfeeding Women Ensure Safety For Babies

Babies need a safe breastfeeding environment. Mothers need to take care of themselves well enough to take care of their babies.

Las Luminarias de San Anton Festival

Body  13 May '16

Drinking Alcohol Ups Risk For And Death From Hepatitis C

Too much alcohol increases the chances of death and liver damage in people with Hepatitis C.

Beer Sales Begin To Rise Again After Losing Ground To Wine

Body  12 May '16

One Glass Of Beer Or Wine A Day Can Decrease The Risk For Heart Diseases

Drinking beer and wine moderately can cut the risk of heart problems, according to two separate studies on alcohol.

The Final Weekend Before Pubs And Clubs Can Apply For Extended Licences

Body  10 May '16

Excessive Alcohol Intake: 5 Dangerous Effects Of Chronic Heavy Drinking

Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol for long periods of time can lead to both mental and physical disorders.

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