Vaccines and Infant Death: 1-Year-Old Boy Died Three Days After Being Vaccinated

The ongoing conflict about vaccination and its health risk has been an ongoing controversy when it comes to infant and toddler healthcare. The said health risks range from autism to death.

On October 2015, at the age of one, Michael Whitesell received his MMR, hepatitis A, varicella and flu vaccines. Like any regular vaccination aftereffect, Michael had a high fever three days after their trip to the hospital. According to Vactruth, he was given Tylenol to soothe his fever, but he was found dead the following morning.

As the investigation moved forward, they found no foul play in regards to the child's death as it was ruled out that he died of natural causes. His death cause was labeled as Sudden Unexplained Infant Death, which is due to "natural causes." None of his vaccines were listed on the report.

The one who examined Michael, however, noted that he experiences vascular congestion on his brain, heart, lungs, liver. His urine was also mentioned to be positive with glucose. Michael's grandmother mentioned that the vaccine could have caused his death, but no medical explanation backed it up.

Though one angle being pointed out as a cause of Michael's unexplainable death was his vaccine, the World Health Organization clarified that vaccines are safe. The organization also mentioned that there is no link between SIDS and combined vaccinations such as diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, and vaccination against polio.

SIDS is one for the alleged side effects of infant vaccination. Aside from SIDS, vaccination is also said to cause autism. Web MD noted that there may be strong evidence and testimonies that link vaccination to autism and that there are countless points that need to be ruled out.

"I think there's a lot of emotion around the issue of autism now. It engenders a lot of fear in parents and clinicians alike," Lee Sanders, MD said. "Until they turned 2 or 3, that was probably the thing I feared most."

With several claims citing that autism and death can be closely related to vaccination, would you still allow your child to be vaccinated? Do let us know your thoughts regarding vaccination in the comments section below.

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