Why More Families Dine At Chick-fil-A Instead Of KFC

By Sno-Ann Digon, Parent Herald May 23, 10:27 pm

Move over KFC, Chick-fil-A is getting a bigger share of the market. More and more families are heading for Chick-fil-A primarily due to its amazing customer service, spic-and-span branches and excellent food.

Yes, many American families have become customers of Chick-fil-A. According to Yahoo, latest reported earnings of Chick-fil-A per location in 2014 runs at $3.1 million, whereas KFC didn't even reach $1 million.

Remodeling Branches

The bothersome statistics had KFC scrambling in implementing the right strategies that would give its dwindling sales a big boost. KFC have remodeled some of its branches so as to showcase pictures of Col. Sanders, sending a message that KFC is the best chicken out there. It also made it a point for its staff to wear a tie.

The service overhaul that KFC is making however seems not enough. Chick-fil-A in terms of surveys still tops the list with customers raving about the superb food and customer service that they experience at the fast food chain.

Strange Business Model

Analysts attribute Chick-fil-A's success to its "strange" business model, wherein it only accepts 0.4% of its franchisees. It is very selective when it comes to this and requires operators to open only a single location.

Trying to explain the reason behind Chick-fil-A's success, CMO Kevin Hochman said that although he is not sold out to the business model of its competitor, he said that it might just be a "competitive advantage" for them. He also said that when looking at it from a business standpoint, Chick-fil-A's model is clearly working for them.

According to The Atlantic, Chick-fil-A's religious affiliations have also been keys to the chain's success. The late founder, S. Truett Cathy, incorporated his religious beliefs into the core of the chain's management. Many believe that this religious tone has also propelled the company to its success.

Having received a lot of good feedback from its diners, no wonder many families choose Chick-fil-A over KFC. With continued rise in sales, the chain may be bound to overtake KFC in no time.

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