‘GTA 6’ Release Date, News & Update: Rockstar Game Is VR-Compatible? Retro Theme In New 'Grand Theft Auto?’

"GTA 6" by publisher Rockstar Games is expected to take advantage of VR trends for the new "Grand Theft Auto." However despite new technology on "Grand Theft Auto," reports say "GTA 6" may offer a retro theme.

'GTA 6' VR Compatibility

GTA6 Grand Theft Auto points out that Rockstar Games will bring in the full advantage of the VR platform to their new game. Citing Sony's move to make "Gran Turismo Sport" PS VR compatible, the media outlet suggests Rockstar Games will follow suit with "GTA 6."

Trip Back In Time In 'GTA 6'

Also pointed out is the suitability of a retro '70s theme for "GTA 6." A proposed fan favorite, "GTA 6" with a retro theme is believed to offer a type of periodic charm in its balance of government corruption and mafia activity.

While suppositions for "GTA 6" by fans are many, former Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies expressed fans are not alone. Developers at Rockstar North apparently have 45 years of "Grand Theft Auto" ideas to bring together for "GTA 6" and future franchise iterations.

Air, Water Activity In 'GTA 6?'

Despite gaming mill suggestions that air and water will see more activity in "GTA 6," the new "Grand Theft Auto" will likely stay land-bound. This is not cause for worry as Rockstar Games will reportedly double up map size and challenge for "GTA 6."

'GTA 6' Expectations At The 2016 E3

While map size is believed to be the push back for the "GTA 6" release date, this may not be the (only) factor. Express reports that a new Rockstar Games offering viewed for a 2017 release will be revealed by Take-Two Interactive at the 2016 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) come June.

At the moment, the projected 2020 "GTA 6" release is too far off to be the major Rockstar Games reveal at the 2016 E3. Fans expect the Rockstar Games news to be on "Red Dead Redemption 2," however a "GTA 6" tease at the 2016 E3 is still a strong hope.

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