Zika Virus in the United States Drastically Increased by 13 Percent

By Abbie Kraft, Parent Herald May 28, 04:08 am

In 2015 the Zika virus which highly affected pregnant woman caused an outbreak in South America. A recent study revealed that the Zika virus increased the mother's risk in contracting the virus by 13 percent.

The Zika virus is said to cause microcephaly among pregnant women. It is a condition wherein the infant is born with small heads. As the outbreak spread, the effects of the Zika virus increased as well. Not only does it cause microcephaly, it eventually evolved by affecting the infant's nervous system and other developmental lapses. The Verge reported that the United Stated would usually have around .02 to .12 microcephaly cases prior to the Zika virus outbreak. As the virus continually spread; the microcephaly cases in the United States along drastically increased by 13 percent.

The study published in "The New England Journal of Medicine" it was revealed that the Zika virus risk among the first trimester skyrocketed in a span of two years. Though the researchers solely focused on pregnant women in Brazil, it was imposed that the symptoms and the effects of Zika virus may be similar.

Before Zika virus affected other countries, high amount of pregnant women were affected in Brazil. The outbreak was then highlighted in neighboring cities and countries due to its huge impact on pregnant women.

Zika virus is a virus derived from mosquitoes which is similar to dengue. It highly affects pregnant women, though she may only experience flu-like symptoms, her unborn child will most likely suffer.

Though Zika virus is commonly transmitted through mosquito bites, New York Times noted that there were several cases wherein the virus was transmitted through sexual intercourse. It was pointed out that traces of the Zika virus was found in the men's semen two months after he was infected.

As the Zika virus outbreak continually increase, it is important for pregnant women to remain cautious. Keeping the area clean and applying mosquito repellent every time you'd go out can be of great help. If you go have addition precaution tips about the Zika virus, do let us know through the comment section below.

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