Cancer Researchers' Pension Invested In The Tobacco Industry

Cancer is the most dreaded disease for years. In fact, the government has invested so much in cancer research. Unfortunately, something is awry. According to reports, the pension of cancer researchers is invested in the tobacco industry.

Cancer Researchers' Pension Invested In Tobacco

Per the Telegraph, the pension of the scientists funded by Cancer Research UK (CRUK), who are trying to cure cancer is invested in the tobacco industry. While these researchers are studying to find a potential solution from health problems caused by tobacco and other cancer causing problems, their pension is invested in the growing company that was deemed a threat to one's health. Isn't it ironic?

The Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS), the official name for the fund for university academic and staff was worth £49 billion in 2015. Aside from the controversial BAT holding, its biggest holding was $344 million in Royal Dutch Shell.

Scientist Outrageous With It

One scientist whose post is funded by CRUK was horrified and outrageous upon learning that their pension is invested in the tobacco industry. "This means that, even if only indirectly through our time and labour, CRUK money is being invested in growing and supporting the tobacco industry," she told the Guardian. "The idea that we all have our pension invested in BAT is outrageous".

The researcher added that all the work of the institute is guided accordingly by CRUK. The process is regularly reviewed to ensure that the CRUK money is spent effectively and efficiently for the global fight against cancer and it is disturbing to her that they will be retiring with a luxurious life from money earned from the tobacco industry.

"Given the hard work of so many of its members to eliminate the scourge of tobacco-related death and misery, it is simply unacceptable that USS should continue to invest in this discredited industry," said Prof. Martin McKee, European Public Health Association president.

To help organization opt out from tobacco investment CRUK's tobacco policy manager, George Butterworth announced that they would be funding the UK arm of Tobacco Free Portfolio to encourage investment funds to divest from tobacco stocks. Butteworth recognizes that the tobacco industry's deadly products cause one in four cancer deaths.

Do you agree that the pension of the cancer researchers' should not be invested in the tobacco industry? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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