These Are The Benefits Children Get From Engaging In Rough Play And Play Fighting

Many parents worry whenever their children engage in rough play and play fighting. Researchers from Australia, however, think that these play types are crucial in a child's development.

Jennifer Hart, an associate lecturer in early childhood education from the University of the Sunshine Coast, said fake guns and toy weapons help develop children's academic and social skills, reported. Hart said past studies have already found the benefits of playful aggression among kids, but it's still highly discouraged by parents and teachers alike.

Playful Aggression Encouraging Kids To Be Serial Killers?

Some parents and teachers think that playful aggression among children can be dangerous and wrong. There are parents who believe that rough play and play fighting would make their kids violent or worse -- inspire them to be serial killers.

According to Hart, past generations grew up playing with toy guns and they became fully functional human beings who have stable jobs. She doesn't see the reason why kids nowadays should refrain from those types of play.

Hart noted that playful aggression would help children comprehend the differences of right and wrong. She also believes that play fighting would teach kids to develop empathy, cooperation, trust, organization and resolve conflicts.

Lego Products Becoming More Violent

Lego, a company popular for making colorful building sets and bricks, is being accused of creating more violent toys that promote arms race. A new study conducted by researchers from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand said the company is making more violent toys so as to capture children's interest, which is oftentimes held by the internet and social media apps, BBC reported.

Lego, however, defended their move. Just like Hart's belief, the firm thinks that conflict play and toy weapons help a child's development and are promoting saving the world from bad guys.

Christopher Bartneck, one of the study's researchers, said Lego's products are far from being innocent and its violence went beyond "just enriching gameplay," the news outlet further reported. Lego is currently manufacturing toys that feature pop culture ensembles like Harry Potter, Star Wars, Batman and the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise films.

According to the Lancashire Evening Post, toys and digital media are just following existing modern and political times. Isolating children will make them naïve of the current global violence. Innocence doesn't protect kids from what's really happening all over the world, and those global events could be vital in shaping a child's development.

Studies also found that children are capable of differentiating between pretend and real violence. They know that play fighting is only a tangible form of enjoyment, while real violence is perilous and disagreeable.

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