'Clash of Clans' News & Update: Supercell Starts Permanent Banning Of Cheaters; Learn What To Do If Your Account Is False Positive

Video games and online games are among the most popular hobby or past times today. "Clash of Clans" remains the top online game for years and Supercell is determined to keep it by enforcing a fair play game, which bans "Clash of Clans" players who cheats. According to news reports, Supercell has already started their permanent banning.

What Is 'Clash of Clans' Fair Play Game

Supercell encourages their players to avoid cheating and using third party apps to take advantage of the "Clash of Clans" gameplay. However, Xmodgames responds to Supercell's banning and take it as a challenge.

Parent Herald reported that Xmodgames is planning to improve their anti-detection algorithms so players can still use its app to cheat in "Clash of Clans." This scenario has been a cat and mouse game in online games.

Supercell Serious With Permanent Banning & Explain False Positives

Although Xmodgames is determined to keep their app useful, Supercell is as determined in enforcing their "Clash of Clans" fair gameplay. According to Design & Trend, the team has started permanent banning of members.

In their forum, Supercell announced that permanent banning of "Clash of Clans" members and enforces that fair play game wins. The team added that they are expecting some players to argue with their ban.

First-time offenders will be banned for two weeks and second-time offenders are getting perm bans. For those who are perm banned incorrectly or are false positives, the team has already announced that this is possible.

For "Clash of Clans" players who are banned incorrectly, Supercell advised that you contact the support. The forum will not be able to help you. So avoid ranting online and contact support, so they can investigate your ticket. For those who need to contact the support, just follow the steps that you can find here.

What do you think of Supecell's perma ban? Will this affect a number of "Clash of Clans" players? Will this turn off some or most "CoC" players? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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