Parenting Tips: How To Travel Safe With Your Kids

By Dianne Franc, Parent Herald June 10, 10:12 am

It could be a huge responsibility to take your kids flying, especially if it is going to be their first time. Don't let the fear of taking them with you on a plane get in the way of having a great time in case you decided to go on a vacation with your kids. Parents should be aware of the many things that would help in making this experience smooth for both them and their children.

In a video published by The Washington Post, parents should consider first the kind of equipment that they would use when traveling kids. Stuff like their kids' strollers should be tested first before taking them to the plane. It would also be best if you research well about the plane's policy when it comes to their check in strollers or you could also ask them if you could take it with you on the plane.

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Make Your Kids Behave On Their Sit

Getting to have your kids to sit still during a flight could be tough, especially those who love to roam around. One of the things that you could is to make sure that they always have something to munch on. You can ask the flight attendant for snacks that are available for your kids.

Giving your children something to play on their seat is also a good idea. It doesn't have to be on a smart phone, since most airlines require their passengers to turn off their mobile phones. Find some gadgets that would make them busy during the flight.

Do Some Pre-Flight Role Play

According to Sky Scanner, it is ideal to prepare your kids before they hop on the plane by doing some skit on what happens in an actual flight at home. You could play the pilot or the flight attendant, so they have an idea of what takes place while they are seated on the plane. Doing this will calm your child down, especially during turbulence.

Share this information with your friends and loved ones, especially those who are planning to take their kids on a plane. Feel free to also share with us your experience regarding this topic.

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