'Clash of Clans' News & Update: iOS Players Already Annoyed With Flooding Notifications; Supercell Will Never Consider IPO And Don't Care About Copycats

There is no doubt that "Clash of Clans" is a popular game. Unfortunately, Supercell rarely releases a clean update. The team received a severe backlash from gamers who don't have the patience to deal with the bugs. According to reports, iOS users are still plagued with flooded notifications.

iOS 'Clash of Clans' Players Plagued With Flooded Notifications

The "Clash of Clans" May update includes several number of bugs including notification issues. Parent Herald previously reported that Supercell has already released optional "Clash of Clans" update that includes fixes and improvements.

According to iDigital Times, Supercell has already fixed the excessive notifications for Android users. It now limits the reminder and notifications to only show after every 12 hours. Unfortunately, per Ecumenical News the iOS users are still having the same issue and are already annoyed and are wondering when the issue will be resolved.

'Clash Of Clans' Developers Rejects IPO

Ikka Paananen, Supercell co-founder and executive admits that they do not have plans on adapting IPO or Initial Public Offering. He explained that they do not have plans in going public and they have no management and the team is small. At the same time, he disclosed that they allow their developers to be entrepreneurs.

"Why would we consider an IPO?" he told the Telegraph. "We're only 190 people. We're small and highly creative. That's not the best fit for the public markets, which are all about the next quarter's results."

Supercell Admits 'Clash Of Clans' Spawn Copycats But Doesn't Care

The success of "Clash of Clans" has spawned several games that adopt the same gameplay as Paananen claimed. However, they are confident with their title and doesn't care about the copycats.

"It's a real shame," Paananen said about the copycats. "But we don't do anything about copycats. If they try to copy Clash of Clans, that's fine, because our game is always changing."

Can you name games that are "Clash of Clans" copycats? Which is better "CoC" or the copycats? What do you think about the bugs that come with the "Clash of Clans" update? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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