Fathers More Involved In Children's Lives, Pediatricians Urged To Involve Fathers In Health Care

By Elizabeth Anderson, Parent Herald June 15, 04:30 am

The involvement of fathers in the lives of their children have increased more than ever, according to a report from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). The report looked at father's involvement across childhood ages and the influence of fathers' physical and mental health on their children. It also called on pediatricians to involve fathers in taking care of the health of their children. 

According to the report, there are two factors that have led to more involvement of fathers in the lives of their children. These are the growth in the educational achievement of women and the Great Recession of 2008. Due to these, fathers have reportedly more chances to do more at home or even stay at home when mothers have sustainable income for the family.

Fathers' Impact On Children

"Fathers really have a quite impressive impact on their children's health, including how well they do in school, how well they get along with friends, and whether children run into problems like substance abuse or delinquency," said Dr. Michael Yogman in a news release. Yogman is the chairman of the AAP Committee on Psychosocial Aspects of Child and Family Health and co-author of the report.

According to Yogman, pediatricians can encourage fathers to be involved in the lives of their children even through a simple prescription asking them to play with their children every day. In the report, pediatricians are given 14 suggestions on how to involve fathers in children's health care, such as welcoming them in pediatric visits and to encourage them to play a role in caring for children.

Fathers As Primary Caregivers

The importance of fathers in the lives of their children is not a novel concept, but psychologist Eric Lewandowski said that the AAP report has successfully compiled studies on the impact of fathers, Health Day reported. Lewandowski is a psychologist at the New York University Langone's Child Study Center.

Lewandowski noted that the AAP report also called on fathers to be primary caregiver of their children and not be relegated to a role of "auxiliary" support to their wives. The AAP report was published in the journal Pediatrics

Fathers, are you investing time in your children? What is preventing you from doing so? Write your comments below.

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