Can Coffee Reverse Cancer? Read On to Know the Magical Benefits of Coffee

By Abbie Kraft, Parent Herald June 20, 07:05 am

Recent studies emerged stating that coffee can potentially reverse cancer. Contrary to previous claims that coffee causes cancer, the World Health Organization mentioned that black coffee can potentially reverse and kill cancer.

According to WHO, coffee contains properties that can protect the individual from developing cancer. The cancer is one of the latest addition when it comes to the benefits of coffee. Black coffee in general can lower heart rate, balance neurological disorders, cancer and even manage type 2 diabetes.

It was previously reported that coffee, tea and other hot beverages can place the individual at risk of developing cancer. When consumed in high heat, coffee and other beverages can be linked to esophageal cancer risks, but these cancer claims are focused on the hot beverage and not the coffee itself.

A cancer epidemiologist from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Geoffrey Kabat, mentioned that coffee has a strong anti-oxidant effect which can potentially kill cancer cells. His claims were generated after they conducted a laboratory study which is focused on the coffee's capability to eradicate or weaken cancer cells.

New York Times then added that health experts recommend the inclusion of coffee on the individual's daily diet. But it was highlighted that the health benefits of coffee are strictly limited to black coffee with no sugar or creamer added.

As of the 2015 dietary guidelines from the federal government, it was highlighted that drinking coffee in moderation (three to five cups a day) can potentially improve the individual's overall health. The World Cancer Research Fund International even pointed out that coffee can potentially shield the body from different types of cancer.

As of the latest statistics, it was revealed that Americans are drinking more coffee than tap water. Around 130 million cups of coffee is being consumed per day and a total of 1.6 billion cups of coffee are being consumed world wide.

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