Track Your Baby's Sleep Patterns With This Camera

By Elizabeth Anderson, Parent Herald June 24, 11:19 am

Parents, a company has made it is possible to track the sleeping patterns of your baby without attaching anything to your child. Nanit has camera that watches over your sleeping baby over its crib and analyzes the baby's sleeping patterns.

The Verge reported that the Nanit camera has a tall, white stand that leans against a wall with a hidden power cord. The Nanit camera reportedly can also be used on a tabletop if the stand does not work and is fall-resistant.

Analyzing How Your Baby Sleeps

The Nanit camera uses computer vision, according to a Gizmag report. The camera studies the baby's movement as it sleeps during the night. It can supposedly know how well your baby sleeps by comparing your baby's sleep patterns to what is considered normal.

The camera comes with an iOS or an Android app, through which parents are sent a daily account every morning of the previous night's sleep of their baby, the report added. The parents are able to see a video of their sleeping baby when the baby had movements. Parents see information on their baby's sleeping patterns, parent interventions on sleep, sleep onset and how long their baby slept.

Improve Both Baby And Parent's Sleep

"Like most scientists, I'm driven by curiosity. When I had my son four years ago, I really wanted to understand his behavior, make sure he was safe and healthy, and be the best parent to him that I could. And if I could get some sleep while accomplishing all of this, even better," Nanit CEO and co-founder Assaf Glazer said, as per Venture Beat. Glazer said that this prompted him to create the Nanit camera.

The camera will reportedly be sold in the market for $350 dollars but can be purchased for a limited time for $280. The analytics subscription model costs $10 but will reportedly be discounted more than half for those who will buy the one-year package at checkout, costing $50.

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