'The Last Of Us 2' News & Update: Ellie, Joel Will Have Worse Deaths In Naughty Dog Sequel?

"The Last Of Us 2" style by developer Naughty Dog is among the highly anticipated elements of the continuation of Ellie (Ashley Johnson) and Joel's (Troy Baker) tale. Having redefined cinematic experience through "The Last Of Us," Naughty Dog's influence was reportedly apparent at E3 2016 with the unveiling of "God Of War 4" and "Days Gone."

'The Last Of Us 2' Is Expected To Follow The Naughty Dog Formula 

According to Hardcore Gamer, E3 2016 evidenced that the style employed by Naughty Dog in "The Last Of Us" and the "Uncharted" series has become a formula in the game industry. Essentially with "The Last Of Us" and the "Uncharted" series Naughty Dog highlighted the importance not just of gameplay but also the importance of a strong cinematic experience.

A Kotaku report highlights that part of the strength of "The Last Of Us" was the use of psychology by Naughty Dog. According to the media outlet, whenever Joel or Ellie dies in "The Last Of Us," their death is never explicit.

Instead, Naughty Dog made suffering and pain rather than the actual death explicit for Ellie and Joel in "The Last Of Us." After Ellie and Joel realize that death is coming, "The Last Of Us" cuts to black without showing either protagonist actually dead.

According to Kotaku, this heightens the experience of dying as Ellie or as Joel even more than if "The Last Of Us" actually showed their lifeless body. The media outlet concludes that the death scenes in "The Last Of Us" are in fact the most horrifying deaths in a game because the end is left to the imagination.

Given what Hardcore Gamer pointed out about the Naughty Dog style in "TLOU" and the "Uncharted" series swiftly becoming formula for the industry, the developer is certain to up the ante in "The Last Of Us 2." The cinematic experience will be vastly more innovative and deaths by Ellie and/or Joel in "The Last of Us 2" will outdo the previous iteration.

For the time being clue on "The Last Of Us 2" is limited to the "Uncharted 4" easter egg released by Naughty Dog, believed to point to Ellie as the new lead. Nonetheless, whether Ellie or Joel (or Ellie and Joel) lead the new Naughty Dog game, "The Last Of Us 2" will need to outdo the same standards that it defined.

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