Woman's Letter to Adopted Son’s Biological Father: ‘Because of you I got to witness a baby's first smile’

By Katherine Pine, Parent Herald July 08, 01:02 pm

A mother has written an open letter to the biological father of her adopted son and she was very grateful as he was responsible for making her experience a lot of first regarding having a child. The post has been shared and read by thousands.

Chron reported that the lengthy, emotional open letter was originally posted on the blog site of the other, identified as Lisa Shaw. It was then shared on the Facebook page Love What Matters.

In the post, she started by saying that the father of her adopted son, whom she and her husband started taking care of when he was only a few days old, does not know her and does not know that he has a son. She noted that she wants the biological father of her adopted son to feel her deep gratitude for his part in giving her a child.

She added, “There is, after all, no day on the calendar to celebrate the birth mothers and fathers whose sacrifices allow others to live happily ever after. No cards, no flowers, no neckties resting in gift bags. No special meals, no Facebook posts, no bear hugs, no hand shakes, no hashtags. If ever there were an unsung hero, it is you.”

Shaw noted that because of her adopted son’s biological father, she was able to witness a baby’s first smile, a baby’s crawl, a baby’s walk, and many more milestones in her adotped child's daily life. She added that she was able to hear “I love you" whispered to her on a daily basis as well as her son’s arms wrapped around her neck.

Shaw continued to talk about how her adopted son has grown up so brilliant adding that she bets the biological father has a great sense of humor as her son “lives to laugh and to make other laugh too.”

The mother added, “When did your ability to soothe your mind with stories finally decrescendo, only to be drowned out by the din of responsibility? I want to know because I’d like to find a way to keep our son’s rich inner life alive as long as I can. Forever, if possible. The world can be a hard place for a black child rapidly flailing toward manhood. His stories could save him some day.”

Many have commented saying that they have cried after reading the post while others talked about their own stories with their adopted children.

Shaw was also recently interviewed and she said that as a mother of a black child, she is aware about the racial tensions in the United States noting that black children are more cautious at a younger age about how they walk, how they dress, and how they act. She also talked about the killing of 12-year-old Tamir Rice adding that black children lose their innocence very early.

She added that she wants her adopted son, named Max, to be able to retreat to his creativity and imagination as a way to balance what life is going to be like for him in the future in the United States.

There are no reports of the father of her adopted son possibly reading her post.

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