'Pokémon Go' Servers Fizzed Out; More Tips & Tricks to Catch more Pokémon With 'Pokémon Go' Plus

By Sue Flay, Parent Herald July 09, 05:53 am

"Pokémon Go" had its fun debut a few days ago, and it had already attracted the lot of players from the U.S., New Zealand, and Australia. And because of its immensely immediate popularity, its servers are getting fizzed out.

'Pokémon Go' International Release Delayed

So says a Business Insider post, which pointed on the Pokémon Company's unexpected dilemma to place the international release for "Pokémon Go." Niantic Labs have been continuously keeping tabs on updates regarding the issue with "Pokémon Go" servers, as players of the newly released Pokémon game were as quick to air out their feedback on various social media sites.

Nintendo is surely satisfied with the turnout for "Pokémon Go," as evident in an instant climb of company shares shortly after the new game's release:

Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke said that "Pokémon Go"'s release to the Netherlands and the UK would need to be done in a few more days or so, until the company feels comfortable in its international rollout. Ergo, no more bug fixes and uninterrupted gameplay. "We thought the game would be popular, but it obviously struck a nerve," Hanke added.

Catch more Pokémon with the 'Pokémon Go' Plus

Well, while waiting for "Pokémon Go" servers to be back up and running, players can also get more and faster help from the Pokémon Company's latest offering, the "Pokémon Go" Plus. This optional accessory for the "Pokémon Go" game is a handy gadget that lets users play the game without monitoring one's smartphone. Using LED technology and haptic feedback, the "Pokémon Go" Plus uses a smartphone's Bluetooth and alerts the player to Pokemon Go game-related events.

Reach Pokéstops and find more Pokémon!

With "Pokémon Go" Plus, those cute pocket monsters can be easily targeted and found on site. When a player is near a Pokéstop, the device would start blinking and vibrating at the same time.

Players can then push the "Pokemon Go" Plus button to find more items and release a Poké Ball. A mere swipe or tap on the items can automatically add them to one's inventory. It is also advised that a Poké Ball can only be thrown via "Pokémon Go" Plus if the player had caught that same Pokémon previously.

Surely looking forward to downloading one and playing "Pokémon Go" anytime soon!

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