'Sister Wives' Season 7 News & Update: Kody Brown Has Found His Fifth And Sixth Wives, Will Divorce Current Wives?; Meri's Catfisher A Brown Clan Hater?; Season 8 Confirmed?

The Browns from the popular reality show "Sister Wives" are plagued with different issues following Meri Brown's catfishing scandal. According to reports, Meri's catfisher is a Brown hater and Kody is set to marry two family friends as his fifth and sixth wife.

Kody Brown To Marry Two Family Friends As 5th And 6th Wives

It won't be a big surprise for "Sister Wives" fans to see Kody Brown exchanging "I do" with other women again due to the polygamous nature of the family. However, new reports suggest that the Brown patriarch is not only adding new wives but will be replacing the old ones?

The Hollywood Gossip reported that Kody's marriages to Meri, Christine and Janelle have hit the rock bottom. His marriage to Robyn, who just delivered their second child, is also in a challenging situation, which prompts Koby to look for new wives and dispatch all of his current wives who have not been supportive of him, so he can work with a new set of wives on his upcoming projects.

To make matters worse, Kody's prospect for "Sister Wives" are his family friends. Kendra Pollard a family friend told Hollywood Life that Amber is one of the two potential additions to the "Sister Wives" clan.

"The Browns have mingled with Amber on and off over the years. Robyn's not sure, and I'm not sure, if this is a legit love or for TV purposes. It's freaky, and Kody swore that he would never do this," Pollard said.

Christian Today added that Kody is also planning to marry Robyn's step-niece Mindy. Mindy has appeared in the previous "Sister Wives" season as a babysitter.

Meri's Catfisher Is A Brown Hater

On a side note, Mero got the spotlight when her online romance that turned to be a catfishing scandal was exposed to the public. However, Kody still defended her, stressing that there was no affair because the two did not meet. Kody said that the catfisher could be one of the Brown clan haters who want to shake up their not so ordinary family set up.

Meanwhile, Ecumenical News reported that fans are waiting for the official announcement of "Sister Wives" Season 8. Although it is not confirmed yet, many are expecting to see more of Kody and his sister wives in the new season.

Do you want the Browns to return in "Sister Wives" Season 8? Do you believe that Kody will divorce his current wives when he marries his fifth and sixth wives? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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