Wonder Diet: Lose Weight By Eating A Lot And Reverse Cancer and Other Diseases in 10 Days

By Lani Lane, Parent Herald July 12, 01:11 pm

A strict vegetarian diet brings great benefit because of the zero cholesterol found in it, making it superior to most diets. Eating fruits and vegetables alone can actually reverse diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and even cancer, according to a doctor in Hawaii.

"You are what you eat" as the cliché says. Eating habits can affect the mood of people. Dr. Terry Shintani, from Hawaii, says that the more you eat meat, the more you get moody. He said that "Animal flesh, when consumed, hinders the peace-loving spirit". Related to this, Vegan diet holds to some spiritual and environmental reasons. Andrew Oswald, professor at the University of Warwick in London, also said that, "Eating fruit and vegetables apparently boosts our happiness far more quickly than it improves human health..."

There are probable independent effects of fruit and vegetables on some psychological well-being measures, according to Redzo Mujcic, a researcher at University of Queensland in Australia. His study on the effect of fruits and vegetables in the mental and psychological well-being of people concludes that consumption of fruits alone can lead to some profound positive effects on the emotional well-being of a person. And eating vegetables alone, on the other hand, can yield to larger impacts on selected general health items, including heart ailments.

Foods today can shorten most individual's life. But it is hard to resist the lure of tasteful foods that are most often forbidden. People get diseases hither and yon, from diabetes, to obesity and cancer. It is therefore a challenge to change eating habits. Nonetheless, accepting the challenge can pave the way to natural weight loss and improvement in health while also getting peace inside and out to achieve an elevated condition in mind and spirit.

It is possible to eat more and weigh less and do take note of this: in doing so, you  get the peace that you have always wanted when you shift to vegan diet. If you want to live longer, change your eating habit today.

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