‘Longmire’ Cancelled After Season 5: Are Walt And Vic Getting Married? [SPOILERS]

"Longmire" Season 5 has officially announced its premiere for the upcoming season. Fans and viewers keep wondering whether the upcoming season of the Netflix drama will be its series finale. Will Walt and Vic get married at the end?

This article contains spoilers. Read on if you want to learn more about the details of this story.

"Longmire" Season 5 cancellation rumors have been making rounds online. Many fans continue to express worry over the future of the show after it was previously cancelled on A&E after three seasons.

Netflix decided to renew "Longmire" because the show's viewers were its target audience to subscribe to their service. Ecumenical News reports that Netflix still remained mum about speculations that Season 5 will be its last, which has kept everyone worried over their favourite series.

Other fans debated that should Netflix cancel "Longmire" Season 5, then they will automatically cancel their subscription with the streaming service. Some fans, on the other hand, said that they believe that the series will live on for more seasons because it still has more stories to tell the audience.

Meanwhile, Carter Matt reports that "Longmire" Season 5 will officially premiere on Sept. 23 on Netflix. Since the series has found its second home in Netflix, the episodes for the upcoming season will drop at the same time.

There are rumors that Vic and Walt will get married in "Longmire" Season 5. A previously released teaser photo for an upcoming episode seemingly hints on a wedding for specific characters in the story.

Since Vic and Walt end up together in Craig Johnson's books, it is believed that the Netflix series will also follow suit. However, many fans thought that Walt and Vic were better off as friends in the show and Walt should find a new love interest instead.

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