Money From Zika Virus? CDC Wants Men's Semen if They Have Suffered From Virus, Health Establishment Ready to Pay Providers

By Katherine Pine, Parent Herald July 15, 05:12 am

It is possible to get money from Zika virus specifically if one patient is a man who is willing to give his semen to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for further studies.

U.S. News reported that they already have 52 people who have volunteered to donate their semen if they have been affected by the Zika virus. The step is said to be for the study that was launched last April. CDC is looking for 210 more and those who would be volunteering will be able to receive a $50 multi-use gift card. However, the $50 gift card is said to be equivalent to 12 samples to be given every other week for six months.

Interested to Give Your Semen Sample to CDC for the Zika Virus Study?

For those who are interested in joining the study, here is how it works. The sample of the participant will be picked up by a courier and will be brought to the laboratories of CDC for testing. The laboratories where the semen will be delivered to are located in Fort Collins, Colorado and scientists are to stidy how long the virus survives in bodily fluids such as semen.

The eligible participants are adult men living in the continental United States. Those from Hawaii could also participate. Their Zika virus infection should be confirmed.

How Does Zika Virus Spread?

Although the primary mode of transfer of the Zika virus is being bitten by infected mosquitoes, there have been cases that the virus was transmitted via sexual contact. It is unclear how long the virus remains in an infected person's body before it completely disappears that is why the new study has been launched.

A CDC officer shared, "The purpose of this study is to determine the frequency, duration and pattern of Zika virus shedding in semen and urine of infected men. Findings from the study will help health officials refine recommendations for preventing spread of Zika virus through sexual transmission."

It has been reported as well that out of the total 1,133 cases of Zika in the United States, 14 were sexually transmitted. The rest are travel-related. Patients recently traveled to a country where the virus is rapidly growing and spreading thus the infection.

The symptoms include having fever, rashes, and itchy eyes. Pregnant women are also warned as the Zika virus could cause Zika-linked microcephaly as well as other problems that could not be detected early.

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