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Demonstrators Gather In Philadelphia To Protest Eric Garner Grand Jury Decision

Mind  20 December '16

Study Says Crying Is Healthy And Empowering; Here Are Some Benefits

Don't feel guilty or weak after you cry because it is healthy and here are other cool things about it that you should know.

Brain activity can detect the culpability of a criminal (Jorge Raga)

Behavior  19 December '16

Brain Science Can Also Track Potential Criminals In Their Early Age

Scientists are able to use brain tests on three-year-olds to determine which children are more likely to grow up to become criminals.

Science Nudges FDA on Mitochondrial Replacement

Health/Nutrition  10 December '16

Therapy For Mitochondrial Replacement - Three Parent Babies

A new therapeutic technology designed to prevent women from passing on debilitating disorders to their babies has worked successfully in a small, proof-of-concept experiment.

'The Beauty Book For Brain Cancer' Edition Two Launch Party Sponsored By Voices Against Brain Cancer

Mind  5 December '16

New Study Reveals On How Memory Is Stored And Hidden In The Brain Using Magnets

Now you will know how the brain works when it comes to storing and hiding memories.

Michelle Williams Visits Aflac Cancer Center at Egleston Children's Hospital in Atlanta Before the Macy's Great Tree Lighting

Health/Nutrition  4 December '16

About Chemotherapy: Good News For Cancer Patients

Oncology Group Hospitals conducted a study to prevent the ototoxicity without damaging the efficacy of chemotherapy.

A Day In The Life Of The New York Riveters Women's Hockey Team

School  2 December '16

Boys Are Better Than Girls In Physics And Maths: TIMSS Results Demonstrate

Grade 12 males are consistently performing better than females, whereas Asians outperformed their international competitors.

HIV/AIDS Summit in Miami

Medicine  2 December '16

New Vaccine To Prevent HIV Is Out For Testing, Scientists Start The Experiment In South Africa

This new vaccine just might be the answer to prevent HIV.

DARPA Robotics Challenge Showcases Cutting Edge In Artificial Intelligence

Toddler  30 November '16

Toddler Robots Are Helping Understand The Learning Patterns Of Young Children

Children learning match the automatic ability of the robots to sense the objectivity of the environment.

National Primate Research Centers Study Zika Virus

Health/Nutrition  30 November '16

Louis Picker On The Verge Of Completing His Pursuit Of Curing The Deadly HIV

Picker’s vaccine has shown remarkable results in rhesus macaque monkeys—results that HIV researchers closely watch

Walk to End Alzheimer's Los Angeles

Health/Nutrition  30 November '16

Sharp Memory In Alzheimer Patients Possible? New Research Directs Neuroscientists Toward Another Analysis Framework

New study shows that patients with Alzheimer's signs could still have a sharp memory.

Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers

Health/Nutrition  29 November '16

New Study Shows 2 Genes That Increase The Risk Of Dying From Breast Cancer

Know what are these two genes that are to blame for the fatality rate of breast cancer victims.

Preparations For Halloween Continue As Weekend Festivities Approach

Mind  27 November '16

Scientists Have Discovered A New Way to Eliminate Fear From The Brain Itself!

Scientists have now discovered a way to remove fear from the brain, and the procedure is called Decoded NeuroFeedback

Eating Ice Cream For Breakfast: Helps You To Become Smarter And More Alert?

Mind  24 November '16

Eating Ice Cream For Breakfast: Helps You To Become Smarter And More Alert?

Does eating ice cream for breakfast make your smarter?

Family Farmed Expo Reconnects Farmers And Consumers

Body  23 November '16

New Study Suggests 'Butter' As Harmless

Butter has been reported to be detrimental to the health and is relatively unsafe; however, new studies suggest that butter has been known to prevent Type 2 diabetes.

DARPA Robotics Challenge Showcases Cutting Edge In Artificial Intelligence

Infant  22 November '16

Could Babies Possibly Be The Inspiration Towards A Step Forward In Artificial Intelligence?

If artificial intelligence is going to make the transformative leap into building human-like machines, it’ll first have to master the way babies learn.

Walk to End Alzheimer's Los Angeles

Mind  22 November '16

How Lifestyle Changes Can Help Fight Alzheimer's Disease

Researchers are learning that it may be possible to prevent or delay the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease through a combination of healthy habits.

Physics Nobel Prize Winner F. Duncan Haldane Addresses Media

Health/Nutrition  20 November '16

Cancer Diagnostic Methods Take Innovative Strides

Diagnosing cancer had remained the same for the past few years however, scientific techniques are drawing near to innovation.

Major Gun Show Held In Virginia

Toddler  19 November '16

Pull Your Children Down From Their High Horse, Their Struggle Is Imperative For Their Future Self

Kids are reluctant to push themselves beyond their limited physical or mental comfort zone after experiencing parental protectiveness.

New York City Board Of Health Approves Bloomberg's Over Sized Sugary Drink Ban

Toddler  18 November '16

Are You Destined To Be Overweight Or Are You Choosing To Be Obese?

Obesity is a very complex disease, and many factors can contribute to it and cause it, including genetics, behavior, and environment.

Misconceptions Surrounding Eating Pork And The Swine Flu Lower Hog Prices

Dads  17 November '16

Do Pigs Have Cognitive Biases Just Like Humans?

Pigs have personalities and can be pessimists or optimists, much like humans, new research has suggested.

Tech Bash Brings Carnival For Tech-Savvy Consumers

Dads  25 October '16

Video Game Violence Vs. Culture: Creator of ‘DOOM’ 'John Romero Shares His Opinion

Is "DOOM" a violent game? Here's what its creator John Romero got to say.

FILE Changes Announced In Maternity Services

Infant  15 October '16

Parents Addicted To Opioids Affect Their Parenting Skills, New Study Reveals

Know the effects of opioid-dependent parent to raising their child.

Uninsured Patients Receive Medical Attention At Health Clinic

Nutrition  14 September '16

Dosing Cups Are Causing Parents To Overdose Their Kids, Study Says

According to a new research, more than 80 percent of parents overdose their kids, especially when using dosing cups instead of oral syringes.

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