Zika News and Updates: Has The Virus Become One of The Biggest Health Problems In The World?

By Lani Lane, Parent Herald July 19, 10:33 am

Zika is a current global concern as the virus has already reached four continents in the world: Asia, Africa, Pacific Islands, and America. Some say that it will be among the biggest threat for humanity if not solved at the soonest possible time. As the health concern escalates,the funding has not yet been approved by congress.

People has come to hate both the Republicans and Democrats for making the decision too long while many cases add up to the list of the Zika victims. Nonetheless, arguments will come up to show that there are bigger things than Zika. Some would squabble that Sex problems in the society is bigger than Zika. People have unprotected sex and may contract Zika or HIV or STD and other diseases. In contrast, some would fight that Zika is a larger problem even greater than Ebola. In Saudi Arabia, Dengue is bigger than Zika. And in some regions like Rio, security much bigger of a threat than Zika.

Zika has become widespread but there are other greater problems around the world. Nonetheless, we cannot just ignore the immediacy of the need for the Zika rescue. It is therefore not an easy job for Congress to decide to release the funding since they will also reckon with the other major needs and issues in the US such as emerging diseases like obesity, diabetes, HIV, and cancer.

It has been reported that President Barack Obama has asked Congress for more than $1.8 billion to fund Zika studies to fight cases domestically and internationally. This amount will be used for testing and surveillance so that potential outbreak will be destroyed. The research should yield to the production of vaccine needed to fight Zika. Everyone is waiting for the decision of Congress.

Zika virus may bring stain to humanity in the future that many would not see today. Let's pray for the world leaders who are in the challenge for making the decision in addressing the containment of the spreading virus.

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