David Beckham Spoils Kids? Takes Harper Shopping

By staff@parentherald.com, Parent Herald March 17, 07:51 am

3-year old Harper Beckham showed that she is truly a daddy's girl on a recent outing with her dad, David Beckham!

Express UK reported that David and Victoria's little daughter was out on a London shopping spree with her retired athlete dad over the weekend. Harper carried her shopping bag while walking along the street like a complete grown-up. The toddler held on to her dad's hand, looking happy being out in the city.

The 3-year old and her famous father both wore fashionable wardrobes while out enjoying their day in the city together. Harper donned on a creamy colored mac and gingham dress combination while, David looked good as ever wearing a dark-colored jeans and light blue T-Shirt.

Hollywood Life noted that David has got an adoration for fun time out with his little girl. The retired athlete is a one of a kind father that does not get bothered by shopping trips with his young daughter. Harper and her brothers are definitely lucky to have such a doting and hands on father.

David was also on a daddy duty shopping spree with Brooklyn last Saturday, prior to taking his daughter out in the city. The British footballer is was in charge at home while wife, Victoria, was in Hong Kong for her own clothing line promotion.

The father of four was not shy in acknowledging that he had a knack for embarrassing his children, particularly his sons. The 39-year old dad admitted this in a guest appearance in "Jimmy Kimmel Live".

In fact, David even shared some growing up moments he's encountered with eldest son, Brooklyn. According to the former athlete, he gave his son a pair of trainers right out of Kanye West's Adidas clothing collection for his 16th birthday.  The teenager was not happy upon finding out dad has exactly the same wardrobe, too!

Since then, David acknowledged the need to let his kids form their own identity. He realized the need for kids to be happy and feel fulfilled with themselves.

International Business Times Australia quoted David as saying in an interview, "It's important that children have their own ideas on style and individuality. They're all different -- Romeo is different in so many ways, Brooklyn and Cruz too."

Harper is the only daughter of the famous British couple. The former Spice Girls singer and her husband are parents to three older boys-Brooklyn, 16, Romeo, 12 and Cruz, 9. David admitted that all of Harper's brothers have been pitching in caring for their little sister since her birth. 

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