Disciplining Children: How Important it is to Stick With the Rules?

By Lani Lane, Parent Herald July 27, 11:08 am

Parents want their children to be disciplined. But unfortunately some of them do not have any idea on how to do it. Worst thing is, most of them are even unaware that they are already committing the worst mistake parents often commit in disciplining their kids.

Inconsistency in disciplining children is one of the basic reasons why most kids rebel. Being inconsistent with the rules is like giving them a "special invitation to try even harder the next time," Meredith Carroll, writer in an online blog post babble, shared in her article.

In Carroll's blog she shared how she and her husband struggled just to be able to discipline their kids right. They tried everything they could but to no avail, because they tend to dwell on their emotions more than the desire they have to discipline their children. Eventually house rules begun to revolve not based on how she and her husband would want it but on how their children want it to be.

With what is going on in their home, Carroll and her husband felt as if they have not done enough yet. They even felt negative thinking their children were not respecting them anymore. That's why they decided to make a change and that is by becoming strict with the rules.

In the end, Carroll understand the importance of consistency in disciplining children. Like what it has been posted in Empowering Parents, "When your child gets the message that you don't mean what you say, what you say starts to lose meaning.

Discipline is an important foundation of every child's development which could help him or her have a happy and effective life in the future, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information. That's why no matter how hard it is for the parents, if they want their kids to be successful in the future, it is crucial for them to never give up applying this virtue to their kids.

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