'The Winds of Winter' Release Date & Major Spoilers: Completed 'TWOW' and George R.R. Martin's Comic Con 'Appearance'

As fans continue to await further details for "The Winds of Winter" release date, speculations about the highly anticipated novel continue to surface online.

At the recently concluded San Diego 2016 Comic Con, "The Winds of Winter" release date hopefuls claimed that they have seen author George R.R. Martin at the event. This fueled fans' excitement even more as they thought of Martin's alleged appearance as a sign that a significant update will be made at the annual gathering.

All hope was lost when "The Winds of Winter" author addressed the rumors on his personal blog. Turns out, the person fans saw at the event was not Martin, but a cosplayer dressed as the author.

"It's not me," Martin said on his blog, Christian Post noted. "It's some other old fat guy in a Greek sailor's cap and pair of suspenders, maybe. Who may or may not be consciously cosplaying as me."

"And just to be clear, no, I do not disapprove of fans cosplaying as me... so long as they don't actually pretend to be me," he added.

While fans patiently wait for more "The Winds of Winter" release date announcements, theories about the sixth novel in the "A Song Of Ice And Fire" series have surfaced online. George R.R. Martin continues to keep a tight lip about the real status of the highly anticipated book, but his silence fuels more speculations about "TWoW."

Fans are hinting that one probable reason for the "The Winds of Winter" release date announcement delay could be because of "A Dream Of Spring," the seventh novel in the series. In a Reddit forum, fans of the franchise have speculated that Martin is possibly planning to release the sixth and seventh book at the same time.

Do you think "The Winds of Winter" will be released this year?

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