8 Best 2015 Gadgets for Moms

By staff writer , Parent Herald March 30, 06:33 am

Parenting and home management chores keep moms busy most of the time. Because of this, mothers have the need to get tasks done easily and quickly. Cool state-of-the-art gadgets that makes daily work easier are partners of mothers everywhere throughout the hustle and bustle of their busy lives.

Moms need to check out these brilliant gadgets, whether ar home on the go. Multi-tasking has never been so easy now, thanks to these best gadgets listed for moms in 2015.

Weego Heavy Duty Battery and Jump Starter

Weego's battery and jump starter are handy gadgets moms can keep in their pockets on the road, as listed in Wellconnectedmom.com. This battery charges laptops, cell phones, tablets and MP3 players. The two-in-one mini device's battery jump starts car, motorcycle and other vehicular engines in the middle of the road. Weego relieves moms of the worries of being stranded on the road unexpectedly.

Keyfree Handsfree Car Keys

Keyfree rids moms of physical keys that they may misplace from time to time. Moms just need to install the tool to your car and the online app on your mobile device. The tool and app work compatibly in locking and unlocking cars, Moms may even send digital key copies to others as they desire. What's more, Keyfree allows moms to monitor their cars' location via the internet and forthcoming engine problems.

LG Two-in-One Main and Mini Washer

Save wasted time doing your laundry in batches. LG's two-in-one main and mini washers allow moms to do large laundry batches in one washer and mini laundry loads in another. Pants, blouses and T-shirts go in the main washer. Meanwhile, socks, undies and handkerchiefs go to the mini washer.

HealBe Gobe Body Manager

The HealBe GoBe Body Manager is an on-the-go health and life tracker gadget. This gadget tells moms distance covered while travelling, heart rates, caloric intake and burned, and even stress levels! Now, women never have to worry about their health while they go out and about taking care of their family, as they too can put their own health in check at all times!

Levana Baby Monitor

In this day and age, photos are all the rage in keeping memories. The Levana Baby Monitor has a built-in camera that takes kids' photos. The monitor stores the images and also playes sweet, soothing music in the background to ensure better sleep for your little one, as indicated in Momshandbook.com.

Holi Sleep Companion

Moms hardly get enough sleep every night as they juggle work and household tasks. The Holi Sleep Companion's customized light bulb eases moms' stress levels for better rest experiences. The bulb's brightness shifts in accordance to mothers' needs for well-rested good night sleep. Moms wake up the next morning feeling energized, thanks to The Sleep Companion.

Polaroid Socialmatic Instant Print Camera

The Telegraph UK revealed that modern Polaroid cameras are now available with instant printed photos. Moms out on vacation trips with their kids don't need to wait for their remembrance photos to be available. The images print just right after the Polaroid Socialmatic take them!

Smartphone Controlled Pulse LED Light and Stereo Speakers

Getting an LED light and listening to favorite music via a smartphone is now a reality. This LED light that doubles as a speaker, from Sengled, can be controlled and operated via a smartphone.

Parenting and family bonding have never been as wonderful as they are now in this time and age. These trending gadgets for moms make family life enjoyable and convenient in their own ways. 

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