'GTA 6' Release Date News & Update: 'Grand Theft Auto' Outside The US Confirmed By Rockstar Hiring? Rio Map Hints Drug War?

"GTA 6" by Rockstar is leaving the US borders according to a hiring ad. Despite clamor for London to be the "GTA 6"  destination, the choice of a Rio de Janeiro map for the next "Grand Theft Auto" game does bring the stronger advantage.

"GTA" fans would have to pay attention to recent announcements by Rockstar. According to Segment Next a Rockstar opening, which sounds hopeful for "GTA 6" fans, specifies the need for an Environment Terrain Artist.

  Rockstar will require the Environment Terrain Artist to work with assets, which should feel original but also true to their real-life basis. Both "GTA" and non-"GTA" fans alike waiting for a Rockstar project would find this description as cited by Segment Next quite interesting: for creating exciting and believable artwork, building and texturing environment assets for the biggest and best open world environments in the industry."

At the very least, this Rockstar announcement could be the confirmation that "Grand Theft Auto" fans have been waiting for on a "GTA 6" outside the US. Fortunately, GTA 5 Cheats also chose to move outside the US to explore "GTA 6" maps highlighting a Rio de Janeiro location for the new "Grand Theft Auto" iteration.

According to GTA 5 Cheats, Rio is one of the best possible maps for "Grand Theft Auto. The only downside to a Rio map in "GTA 6" as far as GTA 5 Cheats sees is the lack of variation in the landscape within the map, e.g. desert.

Still, a city as Rio with its prevalence of gang and drug issues sitting on a peninsula is nothing to tut-tut about and could inspire effective story-telling for "GTA 6." It's existing popularity as a city works well for landmark recognition among "GTA 6" players.

As Parent Herald reports, an Eva Mendes lead and a 2020 release of "GTA 6" by Rockstar remain consistent buzz among speculators. What city outside the US besides London and Rio rates high for you for "GTA 6?"

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