‘The Winds Of Winter’ Release Date, News & Update: George R.R. Martin’s ‘ASOIF’ Clues From Stan Lee? ‘Game Of Thrones’ Predictions Dethroned?

"The Winds Of Winter," the penultimate entry into "A Song Of Ice And Fire" (ASOIF) saga by George R.R. Martin will have been influenced not just by J.R..R. Tolkien and William Shakespeare but, most heavily, by Stan Lee. As with all his books in and outside of the "ASOIF" canon, George R.R. Martin has a long-standing history with Stan Lee.

The Guardian reports that George R.R. Martin had been a fan of Stan Lee since a young age. So much so that George R.R. Martin felt strongly enough to write Stan Lee so that "The Winds Of Winter" author could point out a flaw to the Marvel genius.

  One wonders, now that George R.R. Martin is celebrated in his own right, how the interaction has been between "The Winds Of Winter" author and Stan Lee. But in the old days, the teen-aged George R.R. Martin not only called out a flaw in a "Red Ghost" episode but "The Winds Of Winter" author also pointed out a flaw in Stan Lee.

As George R.R. Martin spoke of how Stan Lee may have been the greatest influence on "The Winds Of Winter" author, one might try and dig out Stan Lee similarities to find "ASOIF" clues. "The Marvel characters were constantly changing ... As opposed to DC [Comics], where everybody got along and it was all very nice and all the heroes liked each other ... Stan Lee introduced a whole concept of characterisation to comic books and conflict; maybe even a touch of grey in some of the characters," George R.R. Martin said.

Parent Herald cites reports that George R.R. Martin painted his "ASOIF" heroes grey rather than black and white. As "The Winds Of Winter" author evidenced in all his "ASOIF" entries and as fans witnessed in the "Game Of Thrones" series, George R.R. Martin believes that most people are "grey."

Meanwhile, Bustle compiled "Game Of Thrones" theories that "The Winds Of Winter" author has debunked. According to the media outlet, in the past George R.R. Martin laughed at the notion that he would hide a finished "The Winds Of Winter" book from fans.

A few other "Game Of Thrones" theories that "The Winds Of Winter" author disproved include Benjen Stark and Coldhands are the same. George R.R. Martin reportedly dispelled this when "The Winds Of Winter" author's editor began to think the same "Game Of Thrones" theory.

George R.R. Martin also dispelled the notion that all Targaryens, with Daenerys' episodes as premise, can survive fire. George R.R. Martin shot this down as "The Winds Of Winter" author unequivocally said that the Targaryens will burn when put through fire.

"ASOIF" fans are still waiting for George R.R. Martin to deliver "The Winds Of Winter." "Game Of Thrones" theories and "ASOIF" fan speculation say that "The Winds Of Winter" release date by George R.R. Martin will coincide with the pre-Season 7 hype for the "GoT" series.

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