NBA Offseason Trade Rumors: Boston Celtics Wants J.R. Smith and Russell Westbrook Despite Reports That OKC is Negotiating Three-Year Deal With 'Beastbrook'

J.R. Smith and Russell Westbrook are reportedly on the trading block as Boston Celtics is eyeing to acquire the two NBA players. This report comes amid rumors that Oklahoma City Thunder is negotiating a three-year deal with Westbrook.

According to reports, Boston Celtics General Manager Danny Ainge wants Cleveland Cavaliers player J.R. Smith to be part of the team and is ready to sign him to a $15 million contract, iTechPost reported. Reports are saying that the Boston Celtics Management made up its mind to push for Smith as Tyler Zeller was let go because they want to give way for the arrival of the Cleveland Cavalier player.

Rumors are also saying that Boston Celtics are close to signing a deal in order to get Smith to be part of their team. It is unclear, however, what the details of the deal is and who they will be trading in order to get Smith. If only James Young or RJ Hunter were reportedly sharp shooters just like how good Smith is, they will not be pursuing the Cleveland Cavaliers player.

The shooting record of Smith last season was impressive that Boston Celtics decided to offer him a deal. However, not all are pleased with Smith as Coach Brad Stevens of Boston Celtics believe that the Cleveland Cavaliers Players is not a good addition to the team despite his great skills when playing on the court.

As for Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunders, Ainge is reportedly willing to offer the 2017 and 2018 Brooklyn Picks to the Thunders just to acquire Westbrook. Westbrook has one more year under Oklahoma City Thunders but has not yet signed any deal to extend his contract with the NBA team.

Oklahoma City Thunders reportedly could not convince Westbrook to stay for a few more years so it is possible that they could trade him now. In an attempt to let Westbrook extend his contract, Oklahoma City Thunders reportedly discussed with him a three-year $85 million contract to let him stay as the team's point guard. Westbrook is eligible to become an unrestricted free agent by 2017.

If and when Westbrook will be coming to Boston Celtics, Ainge will reportedly seal the deal with a multi-year contract.

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