'Battlefield 1' Updates: Beta Testing To Come, EA DICE Releases Weapons Trailer

As the release date is getting near, "Battlefield 1" is now getting hotter and hotter on its seat. Coming this October 21st, "Battlefield 1" is the 14th installment of the series since it was released last 2002.

World War 1 is the main concept of the "Battlefield 1", and it boasts a massive set of weapons from pre-modern military armory with a touch of some historical close combat weapons such as the war club.

Alpha Test for "Battlefield 1"has already passed and EA DICE is planning to set its Beta Test in the mid-September though there is still no exact date, according to MNG.

By going to the "Battlefield 1" official site, players can register to participate on the upcoming "Battlefield 1" Beta Test, where the schedule will be announced in the process.

Players can register on the official site of "Battlefield 1" for a Beta Test and will announce those participants a week before the Battlefield Beta Test will start. There will also be an early access for those who pre-ordered "Battlefield 1", which will start 3 days before the official game launch.

Game Developers have been focusing on research of weapons featured in "Battlefield 1". Developers pointed out every detail of the weapons from 3d model design, sound effects, explosion and weapon recoil to deliver the most realistic feel on a first-person-shooter game. Aside from ground vehicles that players can ride and drive like in the previous installments, players can also now experience piloting a plane, navigate the submarine or a thrilling pursuit with a horse, "Battlefield 1" will deliver every bit of experience from the World War 1 Era.

Everything is almost done for "Battlefield 1" and is ready to release this coming October, players around the world can also meet and fire against each other in a more exciting experience in multiplayer mode where players can now choose their role such as a medic, tanker, assault, scout and even a pilot.

Maces and clubs, single shot rifles and ground shaking cannons, all these are featured in a trailer released by EA DICE featuring the massive range of weapons of "Battlefield 1" that players will surely be fascinated, you can check out the video right down below.

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