6 Room Organization Ideas to Avoid Clutter

By staff writer , Parent Herald April 20, 08:11 am

Organizing your home may seem like a huge chore. Keeping clutter away as your little ones play is inevitably time consuming. Resourcefulness and practical thinking will get you somewhere. Remember to keep these organization tips in mind and see your home space clutter free in no time!

1.    Show Children Ways They Can Help

As Parenting.com suggested, giving vague instructions to kids are not enough. Be specific so you can get your kids to help organize your home. Do not just tell children to make their room look neat. Give clear instructions such as "Keep toys of the same size in one area" or "Sit your stuffed toys together in one area near your bed."

2.    Be Creative When You Display Kids' Artwork

A clutter free home does not mean you need to keep things bare. Do not allow your home to look dull. Hang your kids' artwork on the wall in your living room or kitchen. Let your little ones hang their artwork on a wall low enough for them to reach. Once you do so, you keep your home both clutter free and beautified.

3.    As Your Kids Get Older, Dispose Their Old Toys One at a Time

As your kids get older, they ultimately will no longer need most of their toys. To facilitate the organization of your home, keep a close eye on your kids as they get older. Along the way, dispose toys that they grow out of as they mature through the years.

4.    Purchase Multiple Double-Purpose Furniture

A two-in-one study table and shelf and a two-in-one bed and bookshelf drive clutter away. A study table and bookshelf in one entices your teenagers to read their favorite stories, as suggested in Inhabitat.com. This double purpose furniture both holds the books and provides a comfortable reading space for your teens.

5.    Reward Your Kids for Helping Out

Rewards and treats make great tokens of appreciation. Treat young children to ice cream or play dates after they help you organize stuff. Rewards motivate and inspire. However, make sure that you don't overdo the reward system to prevent abuse.

6.    Apply The Four Box Method Every Once a Week

Busy schedules keep things hectic all the time. For moms who are always on the go, finding time to declutter is difficult. Apply The Four Box method once a week during clean-up, as suggested in Organizedhome.com.  If you are a working parent, the weekend is the best clean-up day for you. Label four boxes as "Keep", "Sell", "Dispose," and "On Hold."

Do your share in maintaining the organized upkeep of your home. These organization ideas keep chaos and headaches away from family's daily lives. 

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