'Mafia 3' Latest News and Updates: Exclusive Items on Pre-Order, Unique Collectibles and Other Bonuses; What To Expect On The Game?

By John Adrian, Parent Herald August 11, 06:00 am

2K Games' much awaited RPG game "Mafia 3" is preparing for its upcoming release this October 7th. With an all new characters, gameplay and story, "Mafia 3" is expected to deliver an all new 1960's gang-themed open world RPG game.

"Mafia 3" is set to exhibit a realistic graphic texture featuring an amazing lighting effect. With this, players will definitely feel the old New Orleans environment along with "Mafia 3" game gore and violence.

"Mafia 3" will still be presented in a third-person view with a more engaging open world map. As Lincold Clay, players will face numerous quests in order to move along the story, fire fights, close combat, car chase and most action scenes that you may be thinking right now will be presented you to you by "Mafia 3".

As per The Trusted Reviews, the map of New Bordeaux is bigger than the previous Mafia game, with a monstrous 9 district "Mafia 3" will surely give each player a lot of time to explore the sites of New Orleans which is on 1960's settings.

A new cast of characters is also there, Lincol Clay is provided with a set of allies that will aid him to avenge his family. Vito Scalleta of Mafia 2 will be appearing on the new "Mafia 3" together with Clay's bunch of allies such as Burke and the Voodoo Queen Cassandra.

2K Games will give some bonus items for those who purchase the Pre-Order such as exclusive in-game cars and weapons. The Collector's Edition worth $149 is packed with a unique Soundtrack on a Vynil form, an exclusive Faux Leather Establishment Drink Coasters, "Mafia 3" Art Book and a Lincoln Clay Dog Tag Replica, MovieNewGuide reported.

"Mafia 3" will launch this October in Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. After 6 years of silence from the series, 2K Games is now ready to rise back with vengeance, prepare for the thrilling story of "Mafia 3".

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