Possible Solutions for Babies With Plagiocephaly or Flat Head

By Lani Lane, Parent Herald August 12, 12:30 am

Babies with flat head are said to have some aesthetic problems as they grow up so parents want it treated as early as possible. Nonetheless, there are some other problems that may develop aside from flat head. Some are poor eyesight, noticeable facial asymmetry, visible cropped hairstyles, low self esteem, and even social challenges like bullying.

Having a flat head is often described as Plagiocephaly. I myself have this and my parents said that it is because they were always leaving me asleep in a hammock. The thing that marks to me everyday is whenever I get up from sleep, I see my hair on my back to be looking weird but the good thing about it is I am a woman and I have long hair. It usually appears giving more volume to my hair and thank God hair full of body has become a trend in the recent years. Nonetheless, while it is not aesthetically challenging on my part, I thought that it is not so good for men as it looks more obvious.

Parents are being warned of the possibility for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) these days because according to studies, an attempt to fix plagiocephaly may lead to the baby's death and some other serious problems.

Some parents use pillows or better mattress to fix the problem. Some even get a baby helmet especially created to fix or avoid plagiocephaly. But some experts say that it should not be done since the health of the brain is also at stake. For babies, it is better to just check on him or her from time to time and reposition to sleep from right to left and not so often with the back.

From some people plagiocephaly may not be a big deal but just to protect one person from possible future problems, the avoidance and treatment should still be taken into highly serious consideration.

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