Parenting Tips:Your Parenting Style Affects Children's Behavior That May Lead To Alcoholism

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College is where your kids start to explore life outside the comfort zone that you have gotten them used to. This is the time when they will be exposed to drinking, smoking and other activities that are involved in partying. Studies show that college students who are struggling from binge drinking have a lot to do with the kind of parenting that their folks raised them with.

In an article published by The Atlantic, helicopter parenting is the one to blame, as to why teenagers are involved in binge drinking. Parents who practice this style of parenting allow their kids to actually participate in this activity and have them do it at home. Their reason is that so they could monitor their children's drinking habits.

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A report made by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism said that most college students already has an issue when it comes to drinking even before they are enrolled. Statistics show that about 60% of college students partied last month and more than 2 people have engaged in binge drinking. It is an alarming issue because binge drinking could lead to a more serious problem, which is alcoholism.

Helicopter parenting is a major reason why this phenomenon is occurring and it is because of their extreme way of controlling their children. Monitoring your children's activities is not harmful when done with balance. Some parents take it to the next level that their children tend to be suffocated at the end of the day. Parents should pay attention to this wake up call and they must keep in mind that controlling their children won't do any good in their behavior. If anything, it could even affect their lives in a negative way, as they grow up.

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