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Helicopter Parenting Can Potentially Do More Harm Than Good

Parenting  6 May '17

Helicopter Parenting Plays A Major Factor In Raising Unemployable Children

Helicopter parenting is said to be one of the major factors as to why their children are unemployable.

Helicopter Parenting Has Good Effects

Parenting  17 April '17

When Is Helicopter Parenting Actually Good For Children? Experts, Parents Weigh In

Some blame helicopter parenting for why kids don't grow up with a firm backbone but experts and parents believe there are some positive aspects to this, too.

Another Winter Storm Bears Down On Northeast

Family Life  30 March '17

Free-Range Parenting: An Option Against The Idea Of Overprotection

It is very important to raise self-reliant and independent children that’s why some parents are embracing the free-range parenting concept.

Amtrak National Train Day 2013 - Washington D.C.

Family Life  20 March '17

Parenting Styles: Is Consultant Parenting The Key To Determine A Child’s Success?

Consultant parenting, which instills a sense of self-efficacy to a child, has reportedly shown its significance in determining the success of the children.

Lazy Parenting Becoming Common Among Working Moms

Family Life  12 February '17

Is Lazy Parenting Doing Children Any Good? Moms Who Refuse Helicopter Parenting Swear By It

Believe it or not, this approach, where children are left to entertain themselves while the mothers are fulfilling their responsibilities, are working for some families.

Travel Destination: North Sea Coast Of Germany

Family Life  4 February '17

Helicopter Parenting: Are Overprotective Parents Ruining Their Children’s Independence?

A parenting expert is urging parents to allow their children to make their own decisions and do things for themselves to encourage their independence.

Champions League Trophy Tour - Harrods

Family Life  27 January '17

The Trophy Child: What's The Harm In Pushing Children To Be Great?

Raising excellent kids is a dream for many parents, but at what expense?

Gold Meets Golden - Arrivals

News  24 January '17

How Nicole Kidman Deals With Being A Helicopter Parent Of 2 Young Girls

Nicole Kidman loves that she's maternal but acknowledges that she sometimes does it too much.

'Helicopter Parenting' May Underprepare Your Child for the Real World

Development  30 November '16

Helicopter Parenting: Why Is This Parenting Style Discouraged?

Experts reveal that helicopter parenting can actually do more harm than good.

The World Premiere of Disney's 'MOANA'

TV.Movie  30 November '16

Disney's 'Moana' Shows Parents How Helicopter Parenting Doesn't Help Their Children

The new animated movie is a great commentary on hotly-debated parenting style.

Chicago College Students Hold Walk-Out And Rally To Protest Donald Trump

Family Life  23 November '16

Raising Millennials: Is The Parenting Style Of Baby Boomers To Blame For The Anxious Generation?

Have their parents coddled them too much? An old journalist believes that all is not lost among the young. Read on.

Drive, Chip and Putt Championship

Family Life  7 November '16

Parenting Update: Attachment Parenting Vs. Helicopter Parenting

Attachment parenting focuses on the emotional bond or attachment between the parent and the child while Helicopter parenting, however, is focusing too much on the children that it becomes quite irrational and unwarranted.

Is free-range parenting appropriate?

Family Life  30 October '16

Free-Range Parenting Vs. Helicopter Parenting: Why Oregon Emboldens Children To Be Independent By Walking To School Alone

Free-range parents allow their children to walk home from school on their own, which does not only encourage independence but also allow them to engage in physical activities. Oregon's go-signal for children to walk home alone is considered a victory by free-range parents.

Homeless Family Placed In Hotel After Eviction

Family Life  6 October '16

Helicopter Parenting [LATEST NEWS]: Is Overparenting Really A Bad Idea? Recent Survey Reveals Texting Helicopter Parents Could Spell A Child’s Death

Helicopter parenting aka overparenting has long been viewed as a harmful approach when it comes to child-rearing. In fact, many experts have noted that overparenting can do more harm than good.

Students Throughout The UK Receive Their A Level Results

Family Life  21 September '16

Helicopter Parenting Disadvantages: Too Much Parental Supervision Isn't Just Bad For Kids, But For Parents Too

It's not just children who could suffer from too much parenting. Even devoted parents has their limits.

Parents Keep Kids At Home For Education

Family Life  15 September '16

Helicopter Parenting Latest News Updates: How Overparenting Affects A Child’s College Education

Helicopter parenting is definitely one of the most controversial child-raising method that experts really avoid recommending to parents. Its impact on child development and well-being are often negative.

The UK Faces Budget Day As It Attempts to Recover From The Economic Crisis

Family Life  4 September '16

Parenting News And Updates: How Can Parents Cope When Parenting Gets Tough

Most if not all people already know that parenting is not really quite an easy job. But when parenting gets tough, there are some effective ways that can help parents cope with the stresses and pressures that go with child-raising.

President Obama Heads To NYC For General Assembly

Behavior  13 August '16

Parenting Tips:Your Parenting Style Affects Children's Behavior That May Lead To Alcoholism

Know why teenagers and college students are into binge drinking.

New Building Construction Occupied By Evicted Families

Family Life  9 August '16

Helicopter Parenting: The Unintentional Consequences Of ‘Suffocating Love’ To Child Development

Many studies have suggested that helicopter parenting is an overly criticized and dangerous child raising strategy. In fact, it has been considered as one of the factors that can hamper autonomy and development in children.

The Final Weekend before Pubs And Clubs Can Apply For Extended Licences

Family Life  4 August '16

Helicopter Parenting: Parents’ Excessive Intervention Can Turn Their Child Into Binge Drinkers

Helicopter parenting involves constantly interfering in a child's life, particularly in education. This encourages an academic life filled with extremes and sometimes paves the way to binge drinking especially when they get into college.

Social Projects Address Needs Of Struggling Families

Family Life  20 July '16

Parenting Styles Latest News & Updates: Which Parenting Tribe Do You Belong To?

It’s already a given fact that parenting style can influence a child’s behavior and development. In fact, several studies have found substantial evidence that parenting styles do affect children.

Intrusive or Helicopter Parenting can make Kids Depressed or Anxious

Development  28 June '16

Intrusive or Helicopter Parenting and Perfectionism Can Be Harmful To Children

Researchers are against intrusive or helicopter parenting after a five-year-long study.

Homeless Family Placed In Hotel After Eviction

Family Life  10 June '16

Submarine Parenting Vs. Helicopter Parenting: Why Submarine Parenting Is A Meta-Solution To Overparenting

There have already been several write-ups that depicted the pros and cons of helicopter parenting, with some saying this parenting style often cause negative effects. But now, parenting experts found submarine parenting’s potential to counteract the effects of overparenting.

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