College Education News & Updates: Why Is There No Such Thing As ‘Free Education’

It is a given fact that the costs of college education are rapidly increasing than most other goods and services. That's why, the affordability of college education has long been a cause for concern and stress among parents and college-bound students.

The pursuit of college education has indeed become a financially stressful plan. As a matter of fact, educational institutions are no longer surprised if they often become a target of ridicule, scorn and criticisms due to the burgeoning expenditures and unaffordability of college education, which usually leaves an average college graduate with almost $30,000 in student loans or debt, Parent Herald previously noted.

Fortunately, parents and college students saw a glimmer of hope to have an access to college education in spite of its expensive costs - thanks to the free college education program. However, University Herald suggested that there's really no such thing as "free education" after South Africa's Center for Higher Education Transformation representative Nico Cloete revealed that while many think it's an act of the government's generosity, it's actually the society who's shouldering the expenses.

Due to the skepticisms, the free college education project also raises concerns over its funding and how things are really being handled. But what's more mind-blowing is the fact that the reality of free education appears to be really non-existent.

"Higher education is a very expensive business," Cloete said, as Eyewitness News quoted. "The issue is who pays what when? So it could be free for one group but it's never free for the society and a big issue in the debate about funding is the way to pay."

Meanwhile, as the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election looms, Bloomberg Politics highlighted the reality that educational attainment appears to be a major factor that separates the line in Hillary Clinton-Donald Trump race. In fact, Clinton reportedly won the college-educated sector by 25 percent while Trump earned 10 percent from those population without a college education.

In other college education-related news, college education is considered as a "worthwhile investment" despite the fact that it is too expensive. According to The Des Moines Register, college graduates can "enjoy an additional $1 million in earnings over their lifetime" and can have better chances of owning properties like houses due to its impact on future earnings while the wage gap between those with college degrees and those without continues to rise.

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