Pokemon Go: Original Creator Satoshi Tajiri Has Autism

By Lani Lane, Parent Herald August 15, 11:54 am

A booming $268 million dollars is Pokemon Go's revenue in the first five weeks of the game. It's great news for Pokemon Go's creator and team, who said that they did not create the game overnight but actually in twenty years! The long wait paid off so well.

Behind the success of Pokemon Go is something that parents of kids with autism are proud of. The creator of the game has autism.

No wonder that Pokemon Go has changed many kids on the spectrum to become sociable, make friends, and be a real part of communities. Some parents are very grateful of the impact that the game has done in the lives of their kids with autism, as some were introverts before playing Pokemon Go.

Inquisitr magazine cited the autism connection with Pokemon back in 1996, when Satoshi Tajiri, who had autism, was inspired to create the character by his love for bugs, according to Aspergers Net. Tajiri was an avid video game player in high school and that time there was no smartphone yet.

Tajiri's drawings and design of Pokemon sold over 200 million copies during its first launching. Right now it is still selling Nintendo DS, 2DS, and 3DS. It was as great as Super Mario. What a genius.

Tajiri is said to have Aspergers, a kind of autism wherein the average brain is processing up to 30 cycles of activity a second. This rate can be as fast as 250,000 waves per second, which can be related to genius minds or those with high energy levels. Tajiri is said to have worked a lot and had many cases that where he stayed awake for 24 hours just to work on his creation. His brain will just not stop thinking and create things.

With the Pokemon Go taking the world by storm recently, who would say that the skills of individuals with autism can be downplayed?

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