Parenting Tips: Is Raising a Happy Child More Important Than Making THem High Achievers?

Parents are often caught in a battle between raising a happy child or raising a strong achiever. Though raising a happy achiever is doable, it requires a lot of patience and a drive for success without taking your child's "childhood." It may require patience from parents, but it is definitely doable.

One of the countries with the happiest children is in Netherlands. On UNICEF's report on children's happiness, they also checked the child's well-being which includes health, education, housing, obesity and even teenage fertility rates. In the 2013 statistics, Netherlands managed to stay on top along with Norway, Iceland, and Finland, while the United States was placed in the 26th spot.

The Dutch kids which are known to the happiest in the world in 2013 have their fair share of having happy parents as well. Finding Deutschland  website dished out a few facts with regards to what keeps the children happy. It was mentioned that Dutch mothers are genuinely happy, thus their children are happy as well. Dutch mothers have a well-balanced work-life status that their satisfaction in parenting radiates when it comes to their children.

One of the highlighted is the fact that Dutch children are not pressured to excel in school, this they have little stress in terms of their academic growth. Children under the age of ten were not given home works and are encouraged to enjoy learning.

Children who are relaxed when it comes to the school's workload tend to have a higher learning rate and enjoy0 the learning process without being pressured as well. This gives children enough room to breathe and enjoy the process of learning by minimizing the pressure on academics.

One of the factors in raising successful achievers is not through constant academic beating as it starts with molding their self-esteem. Psychology Today suggest that a child's well-being and mental health should be prioritized in raising successful happy achievers.

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