‘The Exorcist’ Television Series Set to Premiere in September

By Charles Andrews, Parent Herald August 16, 05:20 am

Perhaps one of the greatest movies in film history, "The Exorcist," will now have its own television series premiering this September on Fox. This remake of the 1973 horror classic will surely have fans glued to their seats while trying to cover their eyes.

With all of the exorcism-related films and television series, including the highly praised "Outcast," it's great to see that an homage is being paid to the mother of all exorcism movies, "The Exorcist. The brand new TV series based on the demonic possession classic, follows two priests who help a family drive out a demonic spirit invading their home.

According to Polygon, the two priests are very different from one another, with Father Tomas Ortega, played by Alfonso Herrera, being the "modern-day" priest who believes that demons don't exist, and that they are simply "just metaphors, while the other priest, Father Marcus Brennan, played by Ben Daniels, is today's example of a Templar Knight, set to wage war against the forces of evil.

Fox released a series of promotional teasers for "The Exorcist" including the main trailer which premiered at the San Diego Comic-con, and needless to say, it was downright creepy. Fans caught a first glimpse of how potentially terrifying the series could be, with the trailer revealing possessed children, demonic voices, levitation, and all the exorcism goodness people could ask for.

In a report from IGN, creator and executive of "The Exorcist" TV series, Jeremy Slater explained how they turned the iconic movie into television show at the latest Television Critics Association, saying "Even in the scripting phase, we were very conscious of the fact that you can't tell an ongoing series where every season, every year, it's just another American family undergoing a possession," says Slater, adding " "You would burn out the audience really fast. I don't know how to write that show. I wouldn't want to watch that show. So it was important to start laying in bread crumbs right from the beginning."

Many are also wondering whether the TV series will follow the controversial exploits of the original film that shocked audiences to extreme degrees, including one particular scene involving a crucifix, or will they tone down the macabre-ness for television's sake. Fans will just have to wait and see as "The Exorcist" premieres on September 23.

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