Parenting Tips: How To Raise Your Children Loving Their Body And Accept They Are Beautiful

By Dianne Franc, Parent Herald August 17, 12:10 am

Body image is a huge deal in the United States. Lots of teenagers are suffering from accepting their own bodies that they even experience depression because of being ashemed of their bodies. Parents should be aware of this issue and should be able to raise their children being comfortable in their own skin. But how are you going to do so in the middle of the media feeding your children their standard of what is beautiful?

Setting A Good Example

In an article published by Eat Right, they said that it all starts with you as their parents. It is not just about telling them to be confident, but it is more about showing them how it is done. You have to check yourself first and your diet and attitude towards your own body. It is also a must to maintain a good diet and an exercise plan that your kids will see because they are most likely to take after it.

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Remember that the goal is for your child to be healthy and not achieve being thin. Keeping your focus on their health would make them think more about being healthy rather than being focused on their weight. It is a common misconception that a lot of teenagers have, thinking that being skinny should be their goal to look good. Make them stop thinking about that myth by being consistent on how you think healthy looks like.

Acceptance And Embracing Your Body

Teaching your child to accept their body is another step in making them feel good about themselves. A good example is stated in an article published by the Little Things, saying that kids should accept the fact that everybody is different and that not all girls should look like supermodels.

Can you relate to this subject? Tell us what you think about body image and what it is doing to kids of this generation.

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