Smart Bargain Hunting Tips: How To Spend Less Money In Children’s Back-To-School Expenses

Children going back to school require parents to spend money on clothes, school supplies, accessories, and other things that a decent education entails. During this time, parents can feel overwhelmed and they may need to seek shopping bargains or deals to score low priced back-to-school items.

Jamie Buss of USA Today's Rochester Democrat & Chronicle said coupons and codes can help parents spend less when shopping for back-to-school supplies for their kids. Coupons and codes can come from different stores, so you might need to take a trip to half a dozen establishments to take advantage of the discounts and buy everything your kids need.

Coupons and codes also work on mobile texts and online stores. You can use the mobile app Find&Save for easy bargain hunting. The app provides cash back and coupons when you shop at nearby stores such as JC Penney, CVS, Target, and Walmart. Another app, RetailMeNot, will also help you take advantage of discounts, sales, and promotions.

Another tip to save on back-on-school supplies is to perform a closet and supply sweep in your house. There might be used but still functioning school supplies lying in your closet, desk drawers, or basement bins that you are not aware of, Money Crashers advised. Supply sweeps will also stop you from buying things that you already have on-hand.

Garage sales and thrift stores carry amazing deals and bargains on your back-to-school needs. You can also shop in dollar stores, as well as during sales tax holidays when shoppers aren't required to pay sales tax. You have to find the dates of your state's sales tax holiday, which usually occurs in July, the first week of August, or towards the end of August.

Buying in bulk also saves money during back-to-school shopping. Take advantage of school supplies going on sale in the late summer by buying them in bulk that will last for the whole school year. If you're doubtful that your kid will use up an entire box of pencils in one school year, talk to your friends and neighbors and you can share the expenses then divide the box's contents equally.

Parents should also set limits on their kids. Children tend to want the latest and greatest items, and it's important that parents remind them that they follow a budget.

Bargains to Bounty has compiled a list of back-to-school deals from August 14 to 20. The list includes deals from Office Depot, OfficeMax, Meijer, Kroger, Target, Walgreens, Toys R; Us, and Dollar General. Visit Bargains to Bounty's website for the complete list of deals.

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