Epidural Injection Facts & Details: 10 Things About Giving Birth Naturally, Like Kate Middleton

By staff writer , Parent Herald May 05, 06:00 am

Approximately 60 percent to 80 percent of American women giving birth for the first time make use of epidural injected pain relief, according to Slate.com. An epidural injected medication relieves pain in the affected areas during child labor. Thus, the relief this medical remedy brings about maximizes the ability of women to give birth naturally.

1.    Epidural Is Injected Between the Vertebrae and the Spinal Fluid

The effects of epidural pain relief penetrate between the vertebrae and spinal fluid. Once injected, he epidural's remedies spread quickly all over in the other areas of the body.

Once in labor, epidural relieves you from pain within 15 minutes of injection, as reported in Fitpregnancy.com. Moving forward, the comforting effects stay for hours on the body long after you've given birth the natural way. Since the pain relief is felt instantly, child labor is not prolonged, thereby maximizing the chances of successfully avoiding C-sections.

2.    The Epidural Needle is Only Inserted for One to Two Minutes

Rest assured that an epidural needle is not going to be on you for a long time. Once an epidural injected remedy is deemed helpful during child labor, the needle will be on for one to two minutes only. This is good news for women in labor who dread needles during the procedure.

3.    Epidural with Spinals Make Pushing during Child Labor Easy

Take it from the expert when it comes to using epidural with spinals during child labor. According to Fitpregnancy.com, Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital medical practitioner, William Camann, revealed that "one advantage of combining spinals with epidurals is that it typically allows for less medication to be given than with an epidural, so you get pain relief without total numbness."

4.    An Epidural Dose is Increased or Decreased as The Need Arises

Fetal monitoring and IV supplement are needed during natural childbirth when an epidural dose is administered. The dosage of epidural is decreased or increased before labor, depending on the need for it.

5.    Epidural Relief's Side Effects are Usually Minimal and Uncommon

Should there be any, the side effects of epidural are typically minimal and uncommon. Hypotension is one of the side effects that may arise from epidural injections after childbirth. However, proper medical treatment eliminates epidural health-threats against mom and baby, according to Dr. William Camann.

6.    An Anesthesia Specialist Administers Epidurals

As Webmd.com reported, only a certified anesthesia specialist is eligible to administer epidurals. Uncertified medical practitioners are not lawfully eligible to administer epidurals.

7.    A Delicate Spine is At High Risk for Epidural Side Effects

As the epidural numbs the body, the structure of a delicate spine may degenerate along the way.

8.    Failure in Epidural Administration Increases C-Sections While Birth is in Progress

There were many times in the past that some women withdraw from epidural injectable administrations. Whenever this happens, women go with C-sections unexpectedly while labor is in process.

9.    Epidural Infusion Pumps Sustain Remedies for Long Hours

Infusion pumps containing epidural content sustain the injectables' remedies for long hours. These pumps distribute the epidural content thoroughly all the way in different parts of the body.

 10. Epidural Infusion Pumps are Sources for Initial Comfort for Your Stomach and Leg Muscles

Your belly and legs may hurt the most during childbirth. Worry no more.  Your stomach and leg muscles get initial substantial reliefs during labor immediately, thanks to epidural infusion pumps.

Not all women need to depend on epidural injection to make the most out of the entire process of child labor. Like Kate Middleton, you do not have to make use of epidurals to take relief while giving birth. As US Magazine reported, the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to her second child without epidurals.

No one size fits all. The need to make use of epidurals ultimately depends on the way your body's hormones work at the time of child labor.

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