Gwen Stefani Secretly Seeing Ex-Husband Gavin Rossdale Despite Messy Divorce Battle; What Does Blake Have To Say About It?

By Abbie Kraft, Parent Herald August 31, 11:31 pm

Gwen Stefani and ex-husband Gavin Rossdale are reportedly seeing each other secretly. It was revealed that Gavin is back in his children's life, as suggested by Blake Shelton himself.

Gavin Rossdale has been seeing Gwen and the rest of the kids for quite some time. Radar Online exclusively revealed that the family meet-up was actually Blake Shelton's idea.

The report mentioned that Blake Shelton openly talked to Gavin in setting boundaries when it comes to their parenting responsibilities.

"Blake insisted that he and Gavin have a few drinks and talk about boundaries with Gwen and with their sons, Blake's man enough to know Gavin must be feeling insecure about his growing presence in his sons' lives," the insider told Radar. "He wanted to clear the air and assure Gavin that he'll always be their dad."

The source then added that Gavin Rossdale and Blake Shelton was able to work things out. They even set up activities that would be ideal for the kids. The source then added that Blake Shelton has been very open to Gwen Stefani and her kids as she only wants what's best for them.

"They even talked about what particular activities are special to Gavin so Blake made sure he didn't do the same with the boys," revealed the insider. "It was a smart and compassionate move and it's helped Gwen get on better with Gavin, who doesn't feel like some kind of axe murderer when he's around the family any more. He and Blake have definitely come to respect each other."

It was recently reported that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton will tie the knot by the end of this year. Parent Herald reports that the couple would want to have a solemn and private wedding. Do you think that Blake and Gwen are ready to start their own family? Do let us know through the comment section below.

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