‘Sense8’ Season 2 Cancelled: Netflix Axes Sci-Fi Drama Due To Expensive, Complex Production?

By Bernadette Waldorf, Parent Herald September 01, 04:00 am

"Sense8" Season 2 cancellation rumors are currently making rounds online since the show has experienced quite a lot of behind-the-scenes drama and cast shakeups. While the alleged reason behind the rumored cancellation appears to be untrue, another report claims that the Netflix sci-fi drama is ending due to its expensive, complex production.

This article contains spoilers. Read on if you want to learn more about the details of this story.

"Sense8" Season 2 spoilers reveal that the upcoming season of the Netflix sci-fi drama may serve as its series finale. According to Movie Pilot, the show's rumored cancellation began after the show announced the casting of Sikander Kher for a yet-to-be-named role.

During an interview, Kher revealed that his role in "Sense8" Season 2 is a small but very important one. This led to rumors that Kher is demanding for a hefty pay check in order to continue playing the said role.

However, as the publication notes in its report, it is impossible for Netflix to axe "Sense8" just because of Kher's role, which remains unknown as of writing. If it were a huge character on the show, say one of the eight Sensates perhaps, then it would have been more believable.

The publication states, however, that "Sense8" Season 2 may be cancelled because of the complexity involved with producing the series along with the costs that come with it. As SDE reports, the Wachowski-produced series is filmed in different parts of the world.

"Sense8" Season 2 is filmed in eight cities across the world to represent the eight Sensates within the cluster. These Sensates are connected mentally and more of their back stories will be revealed in the upcoming season.

Do you believe the "Sense8" Season 2 cancellation news? Should Netflix end it after two seasons? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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