‘Pokemon GO’ Best Tips & Tricks: Catching Pokemon Made Easy With These Tricks

By Steven Palin, Parent Herald September 02, 08:00 pm

"Pokemon GO" by Niantic Labs and The Pokemon Company divide Pokemon into easy, medium, difficult, challanger-level capture rates. Luckily, "Pokemon GO" also hides tricks and tools that can enable a trainer to capture Pokemon more easily.

"Pokemon GO" players should, however, be aware that although the Pokedex indicates that a trainer can capture 151 Pokemon, six of these monsters are yet to be unlocked by Niantic Labs. These future "Pokemon GO" offerings are Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, MewTwo, Mew and Ditto.

 Once these Pokemon are unlocked, however, the following "Pokemon GO" tips from infographic should give a trainer better practice for capturing legendaries. In this, the main tools of a "Pokemon GO" trainer are the Poke Balls.

A "Pokemon GO" trainer can throw a Poke Ball from two directions when capturing Pokemon. One is from the bottom of the "Pokemon GO" screen, which is the more commonly used. The other is from the top of the "Pokemon GO" screen, which trainers deem to allow better control of the Poke Ball.

When a "Pokemon GO" trainer aims a Poke Ball at a Pokemon, the player would notice one of four ring colors around a Pokemon. From easiest to hardest a green, yellow, orange or red ring around a Pokemon lets the "Pokemon GO" trainer know the difficulty linked to the capture rate of each monster.

The "Pokemon GO" trainer would also notice that the ring around a Pokemon may shrink, with the smallest ring allowing the player a better chance of capturing monsters. The longer the "Pokemon GO" trainer presses on a Poke Ball before releasing, the smaller the ring around the Pokemon becomes.

While Razz Berries are a "Pokemon GO" trainer's trusty assistant when capturing Pokemon, the Poke Balls themselves affect the success rate of capturing a monster. "Pokemon GO" essentially offers four types of Poke Balls: red Poke Ball, blue Great Ball, yellow Ultra Ball and purple Master Ball as Parent Herald reports.

For the time being, only the first three Poke Ball types are available in "Pokemon GO." The Master Ball presumably will become available along with the Pokemon legendaries eventually in "Pokemon GO."

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